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Friday, November 30, 2012

Girly Bits Long Winter's Nap

Yesterday, I showed you Visions of Sugar Plums from Girly Bits' Season of Sparkle Collection, and today I have Long Winter's Nap!  Long Winter's Nap is a blue-leaning, grey jelly base with blue and silver hex glitters in it.
I used three coats for opacity and had no issues with application.  It was quite like putting on a regular cream polish, except I had to put on three coats (which is quite normal for any jelly!)  If you know me, then you know how much I love darker greys.  Long Winter's Nap had my name on it the minute it was made!
I love the addition of the darker blue glitters as it is an added surprise!
Pardon the wrinkles in my pinkie as I was rubbing in cuticle oil too aggressively before the polish had completely dried.
Here is a bottle shot of Long Winter's Nap.  This is a real winner in my book and a must have for any neutral lovers out there!

You can buy Girly Bits from her own personal website based out of Canada-Girly Bits. They will also be restocked in her shop in about a week and they launch at Llarowe tomorrow!  Overall Beauty will have them available in about a week as well.

Canadian-based online store:   Harlow and Co
American-based online store: Llarowe or OverAll Beauty
Singapore-based online store: Mei Mei's Signatures.
Check each e-tailer for pricing.
*this polish was sent to me for an honest review*

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Girly Bits-Visions of Sugar Plums

Guess what I have?   I have three of the new Girly Bits Season of Sparkle polishes to show you!  I am only going to post one at a time though, because that way I can show you more pictures!  
When I saw Visions of Sugar Plums, I KNEW I had to put it on first!  
 It is a plum-berry jelly base with iridescent glitters!  It is the perfect depiction of Visions of Sugar Plums dancing in their heads!
 I was curious to see how many coats it would take to be opaque on its own, so I did not use a base coat.  It took four coats for opacity, but it layers superbly.
 I had an epiphany as I put it on my nails. Girly Bits polishes seem to me to be in a class all their own.  Quality is exceptional and I have yet to come across ANY issues with them.  I finally figured out why I felt that way I as I was putting this one on.  Even though it is a jelly polish with glitters in it, it goes on as smoothly as a Butter London, OPI, or a Nails Inc cream.  The difference is that this one is handmade and a glitter polish. Every Girly Bits polish I have tried has been like that! These aren't thick like many indie brands I have tried. They are a normal consistency and go on so smoothly!
 Pam, the creator behind Girl Bits, is very professional and huge on customer service.  If you buy from her, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product that she will back up.
 What do you think of the following hand shot?  I was experimenting and kind of like this one!
 In this shot, you can really see the mix of iridescent holo glitters as well as some other like-colored glitters.  I see some squares in there as well!
 Jacki, from Adventures in Acetone, really kills it with her macro shots of one finger. I have been trying forever to do it as well as she does, but I guess I will keep trying!
 Here is a bottle shot of Visions of Sugar Plums.
 Here is a back shot so you can see the goodness that resides inside.  The fill line is low, because I took a photo after I used it.  This week, I will also be reviewing Heirloom and Long WInter's Nap!
You can buy Girly Bits from her own personal website based out of Canada-Girly Bits
or any of these other e-tailers:
Canadian-based online store:   Harlow and Co

American-based online store: Llarowe & OverAll Beauty
Singapore-based online store: Mei Mei's Signatures.

Twitter-!/PamsGirlyBits    Pinterest-

*this polish was sent to me for an honest review*

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge-Aqua Lily

I was super lucky in that I was able to swap some polishes to get this baby-Rescue Beauty Lounge's Aqua Lily!  You can get it too in RBL's BIB4 that is happening RIGHT NOW!
Aqua Lily is an aqua blue creme shimmer that goes on evenly in two coats.  It went on smoothly and easily for me.  When I put it on, I saw pink shimmer everywhere!  I was ecstatic.  That shimmer somehow eluded my camera, although you can kind of see it in there somewhere!
These first three photos are in a light box with an Ott light.  It comes off more green in artificial light than in the sun. I could care less. I loved it any way I saw it!
The formula on this was superb and made me fall in love with Rescue Beauty Lounge even more.
Here are two pictures outdoors.  It is more blue, and while I was unable to capture the pink shimmer in ANY of the 40+ pictures I took, you CAN see it in the bottle.  That shimmer is what comes across on the nail.
You can buy this right now if you jump to it!  RBL is doing its Bring it Back 4, and it just opened up today!  For those of you who don't know what BIB4 is, Ji, occasionally brings back previously sold out polishes. And they are the ones that fans have been clamoring for the most!  Aqua Lily happens to be in  this BIB's line up!  (You'll want to get Insouciant too.)
You can buy yours right now by clicking HERE.  These beauties retail for $20 plus shipping.
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Check out RBL's other polishes!

Lacquistry Customs: Beyond the Sea and Cleopatra

My last two Lacquistry polishes...for now. :o)
Beyond the Sea is a great Bobby Darin song and this polish reminds me of treasure found in the sea!  It is packed with blue and silver holo glitter of all shapes and sizes in a blue base.
I used two coats to get it this opaque and it layered somewhat chunky.  I used a lot of top coat to smooth it out.  It really BLINGS in the sun!
In this shaded picture, you can see more of what is going on with the polish!
Cleopatra is also a blue glitter polish. However, this one also has lavender in it as well.  I layered this one over Zoya Robyn and A England Guinevere.  I used two coats of Cleopatra to complete the manicure!
These polishes are one-of-a-kind and not for sale, but you can buy other amazing polishes by Lacquistry by clicking HERE.  LIKE Lacquistry's Facebook page to get updates on new polishes!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Naild'It No Elfing Way!

Today, I will show you my 3rd Naild'It Unique Nail Polish from her extensive christmas collection.  No Elfing Way is a clear base with several shapes of glitter in lavender, red, and green. There are also crescent moons in there!  I layered it over China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  
(*disclaimer* The red shimmer you see in the close-ups is from CG Ruby Pumps!)
I layered one coat of No Elfing Way on all fingers except the ring finger. You can see that a lot of glitter comes out in one coat!  There is even a crescent moon on both my pinkie and my middle finger. That was without fishing.  The glitter did have a tendency to clump on top of each other towards the ends of my fingers, but that was my only issue and it only did that to two nails.  I had no issues other than that with the polish.  I've said it before and I'll say it again-I love the creativity that goes into this brand's polishes!

To get updates about Naild'It's polishes, "Like" her Facebook page, by clicking HERE.
To buy from Naild'It's Etsy shop, click HERE.
Overall Beauty and Llarowe and Mei Mei Signatures also carry Naild'It.

*This polish was sent to me for an honest review*

Pahlish Dance Across the Sea

Another one that has been sitting in my untrieds pile for a long time...This is Pahlish Dance Across the Sea.  I used two coats alone and had no issues.   For some reason, it didn't wow me though.
It is a jelly shimmer base with aqua blue glitters and some shimmer as well.  It spread evenly and was niether thick nor thin.
To buy Pahlish, Click HERE.
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Butter London Wallis

Butter London Wallis has been around awhile, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet.  I ordered Wallis because it was the only one I could find that I wanted when I did whatever BL deal was going at the time! I didn't think I would like it, but I was dead wrong!
This strange looking color reminds me of 1970's shag carpet-brutally ugly, but somehow grows on you.  Of course, in nail polish it translates much better than it does to carpet. :o)  It was a bit sheer, and I had to use three thin coats to get it opaque.  I love the blackened edges that it has.  What color is this anyway?  Green? Gold?  Yellow-green?  I have no idea, but I love it!
This is stunning in the shade as well...
The close up shows the mix of the green/gold and the black.
You can buy Butter London on their website, Sephora, or a variety of other places.

Naild'It Unique Lacquers-Silent Night

Naild'It Starry Night is a part of the twelve polishes from Andrea's Chirstmas Collection.  This one is my favorite!  It is a blue shimmery base with a hint of purple at different angles and lighting. It has sparkly blue glitters and a smattering of stars! The bonus?  It has some holo in the sun!
I used three coats of Starry Night to get it opaque. I had no issues with application other than fishing for the stars, which I expected.
At first, I didn't notice the purple that was in it, until I looked at my nails in different lighting and then BAM!  there it was!
The stars are blue holographic stars and you can see a bit of that holo here!
Below is a better picture of the blue/purple that is so gorgeous in the base.
Imagine my surprise when I took pictures in the sun and saw some holo!
The holo is a scattered one that I hadn't noticed until I took these pictures.
As if the beauty of it wasn't enough, she goes and adds holo to it. *I faint*
To get updates about Naild'It's polishes, "Like" her Facebook page, by clicking HERE.
To buy from Naild'It's Etsy shop, click HERE.
Overall Beauty and Llarowe also carry Naild'It.

*This polish was sent to me for an honest review*

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Naild'It Caramel Apple-and it smells good too!

I've got a polish to show you today that is the essence of everything I like about its maker.  Naild'It Unique Nail Polish's Caramel Apple!  This is part of her extensive Christmas Collection of which there are 12 polishes!  I have the privilege of showing you three over the next few days.
Imagine some caramel drizzled over those slightly tangy green apples, breathe in deeply and you can smell that delicious caramel smell.   THAT is what this polish encompasses!  Not only does it look like caramel apples, but it smells like them too! I could even slightly smell it after putting on my Maya Cosmetics Glitter top coat and a coat of Seche Vite!
I opted to layer it over two colors. This first color is Dandy Nails Cashmere Night. I thought it would be unexpected over a purple.  I only used one coat of Caramel Apple and it is dense!  It is made up of holo glitter and smaller green holo glitters.   I had no issues with application at all.
I then chose to layer it over Butter London Wallis. I had Wallis sitting in my untrieds, and I thought it was the perfect match!  Here you can see what Caramel Apple looks like in the shade.
The close up gives you a more detailed view of the coppery micro glitters and the green squares and hexes!
In the sun, this polish can almost blind you, it is that sparkly.
Wallis gives it a more autumnal feel.
Check out the holo micro glitters!
To get updates about Naild'It's polishes, "Like" her Facebook page, by clicking HERE.
To buy from Naild'It's Etsy shop, click HERE.
Overall Beauty and Llarowe also carry Naild'It.

*This polish was sent to me for an honest review*

Chirality Nail Polish-Apollonia

Chirality Nail Polish is a great new indie brand that has so far, delivered fantastic holographic polishes! Today, I want to show you Apollonia.  Apollonia is a deep purple holographic polish.  What was stunning about this polish is that is is a one-coater!  What you see on all of my nails is one coat!  This first picture is taken under an ott light.  You can somewhat see the holo effect.
These next pictures were taken outside in full sun.  The holo in Apollonia isn't as strong as in her other polishes, but it is still beautiful.  It is a loose holo as you can see.
Application on Apollonia was a breeze!  It reminded me of A England or Butter London as far as application goes.  I only wish that the holo was stronger.
Here is a close-up of the holo and the depth of the purple.
I hope you enjoyed my nail art review today and go check out the shop! 
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