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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 Fall/Winter Collection from WishfulBB's FEVERLacquer Nail Line!

Prepare yourselves for a super long, 25 picture post!  Today, I have the honor of reviewing Wishful Bed and Bath's FEVERLacquer Fall/Winter Collection for 2012.  There are five polishes in this collection, and if you read my blog at all, then you know that just two photos of each polish isn't enough for me!  There's a lot going on, so let's get to it!
FEVERLacquer has three glitters and two shimmers.  The labeling is new on these and is easy to read and even has the Store Envy website on it.  On the back it is labeled 4-free and hand mixed.  You can see the labels in more detail in my haul post.
From L-R: Holly Day, Come To Me, White Collar Caffrey, Gilded Leaves, and Spiced Chai
Wishful Bath and Beauty even went as far as wrapping them in cute yellow plastic bags with purple ribbon!
White Collar Caffrey is based off of the main character in White Collar on USA Network.  It is made up of matte black and white small hexes and there are also bright blue bar glitters in it!  It is in a clear base and well-suspended.  Here is a shot of White Collar Caffrey on its own.  This is ONE COAT.  It goes on very well and the glitters spread out evenly over the nail.  I had no issues with it at all. I was quite impressed with how much glitter came out with just one layer.
I layered White Collar Caffrey over Zoya Dove.  Again, these pictures show just one coat of White Collar Caffrey.  Unless you want it really dense, you really don't need more. It helped when taking it off too!
Here is a close-up of White Collar Caffrey.  The blue bars really stand out against the neutral of the rest of the manicure.
Did I need this picture in here? Probably not, but it seemed so artsy to me, I had to keep it!
Gilded Leaves is a glitter polish that is perfect for fall/winter.  It is a copper-orange and caramel glitter with large yellow shards.  This polish was named by my friend, Jen at My Nail Polish Obsession!  Great name, Jen!
Below, I have Gilded Leaves on its own and with just one layer.
Gilded Leaves definitely needs a base coat, so I used Maya Cosmetics' Enigma-a rich chocolate brown.  I only used one coat of Gilded Leaves and the glitter went on smoothly.  Like White Collar Caffrey, this polish gave me no issues at all.
Confession:  I do not like brown or copper polishes. I hate yellows.  I really thought I would not like this polish, but once I put it on, I realized just how wrong I was!  I love how very rich and fall-themed this is!  It makes me want to crawl under a blanket with hot chocolate and watch a movie!
Next is my favorite of the five.  Come To Me is a blue shimmer with a green hue.  It has blue and pink shimmery sparkles.  I used two coats in my pictures.  It went on effortlessly and I could NOT stop staring at it!
I swear it seemed almost duo chrome when I was wearing it. It has a yellow green cast to it that wouldn't go away and really bedazzled me.  Below you can see the blue shimmer in it. 
I think I took about thirty pictures of Come To Me trying to capture the pink sparkle!  I finally captured it!  These next three pictures show you the elusive pink.
You have to enlarge, but you can see the pink hidden in there!
And this is where I shouted at my camera when I KNEW I had grabbed ahold of that pink!
Next is Holly Day!  This is a green, white, and red matte glitter. I love how well it resembles a holly tree-mainly green with a smattering of white, and the large red hexes!  Below is just one coat on its own.  Wishful Bed and Bath really knows how to make a one-coat glitter nail polish!
I wanted to show it with three coats for those of you who might want to wear it on its own.  It has great coverage, although there are a few bare spots.
I must say that what boggled my mind with this polish is that the large red glitters came out in abundance!  So many came out, that I actually had to put some back in the bottle!  Usually, with large glitters, some fishing is required; but not here!  If you look at the first picture, you can see that one coat gave me 3-4 red glitters on each nail!  For my manicure, I layered Holly Day over Sinful Colors Exotic Green.  I only used one coat of Holly Day over it, since it gives great coverage.
Here is one last look!
The final polish in the Fall/Winter Collection is Spiced Chai.  Spiced Chai is a brown-red shimmer with multi-colored holographic glitters.  The base color is dead on like spiced chai.  Again, this reminds me of curling up in front of the fireplace with some spiced chai and watching A Christmas Story!
I used two coats and while the base covered well, the glitters did not layer evenly.  This polish has great potential.  Unfortunately, the holo glitters get lost in the deeply pigmented base as well.  I think that a less pigmented base and some tweaking of the formula would make this one a winner!
Casandra is the maker behind Wishful Bath and Beauty.  She not only makes great polishes, but her eyeshadows are my go-to shadows!  Polishes retail for $7-$8 each and her eyeshadows are $5 each.  She is currently offering 25% off your total order through November 30, 2012.  Use code OHAISANDY to get that discount!  
TO SHOP: Wishful Bed and Bath
To visit her Facebook page: Wishful Bath and Beauty on Facebook.   You can also find a tab to her shop here too!

*these polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own*


Jacki said...

great review!! they look awesome!!

casandraeileen said...

Thank you for the review, these pictures are amazing!

Chantel said...

I love them all. Gorgeous photos!