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Friday, November 16, 2012

Dandy Nails Winter Collection 2012!!!

I am so excited, because today I get to share with you one of my favorite indie brand's 2012 Winter Collection-DANDY NAILS!
There are five polishes in this collection and they are true to Dandy form-unique with excellent application!
All of these polishes went on easily and applied flawlessly. I had no issues with any of them.
L-R: Moonglow, Cashmere Night, Highest Ground, Chilled Down, Bory-Alice
Highest Ground is a stunning aqua blue with aqua blue glitters.  I used two coats and a top coat of Seche Vite.
The glitters really sparkle in this polish!
It looks like more of an icier blue in the sun.
I loved this polish and it reminds me of winter.
Moonglow is a holographic grey.  I love grey, so to have a holo grey is such a bonus for me!
This beauty went on in two coats and while it doesn't look like a linear holo, it is a tightly scattered holo.
The true test for me and a holo is to capture it in the shade when the eye-catching rainbow is hidden. Does it stand well on its own?  The answer for Moonglow is YES!

Chilled Down is going to speak to many milky-white glitter lovers.  The milkiness of this polish is on the beige side.  Tinged just enough to not be a stark white, makes it a classier look for this winter.
The gold and blue flecks give it the sophistication I find lacking in most milky white polishes.
I used two coats for opacity.
Chilled Down is a definite must have.
Now we are getting to my two favorites...  Bory-Alice is a blackened purple/blue duo chrome.
I used two coats to get it opaque and I could see immediately the duality of this polish.
The blue is the dominant color in this polish, but the purple comes out easily enough at any angle.
This polish is a must have for any purple polish lover!
Here is my favorite!  Cashmere Night, named by Ashley of Ashley is Polish Addicted, is ridiculous!  It is a deep purple matte polish that covers amazingly in two coats.
You can see some blue shimmer in there, even while it is matte.
Out of curiosity, I put a top coat on Cashmere Night and voila-Cashmere Night came to life!
The blue and pink shimmer was captured in the top coat.
After having used many indie brands,  there are a select few who stand out to me as always putting out consistently excellent  and professional products. Dandy Nails is one of them.
These polishes will be stocked today in Dandy Nails Etsy shop!  LIKE her Facebook page to find out what time.
*these polishes were sent to me for an honest review*


Elizabeth said...

These really are beautiful--I love the creativity, and the finish on each is so pretty!!

Ashley Haddock said...

These are so gorgeous! Great pics!

Marnie said...

OMG!! Must own them ALL. I can't wait til she opens today :) Your holo shots are awesomesauce..

illustratedlady said...

Awww! Thank you guys so much! I try really hard to get great pictures! glad you love them!