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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Girly Bits Indian Summer

Living in California, I know quite a bit about indian summers.  Our summers have run late into November at times.  
Today, I have a unique glitter polish to show you from Girly Bits.  Called Indian Summer, it holds all of the colors that a late summer would carry.
I layered Indian Summer over Nails Inc Chalk Farm.
I used two coats of Indian Summer and it layered well and went on easily.  The base is tinted slightly blue, but not opaque enough to wear on its own.
I also decided to layer it over a dark grey holo-Chirality The Symbiote.
I think it looks stunning over both colors and I have yet to see a color online that I didn't love it over!
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Ashley Haddock said...

So gorgeous!!

Ashesela said...

This one is so gorgeous!! :D OMG it is so pretty over grey!!!