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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Liquidus Nail Gloss-Lapis and Smithsonite

I hope you're having a fantastic Thanksgiving!  I plan on eating with my parents in several hours!  In the meantime, I am going to do what I love to do, which is prepare some posts and swatch some polishes!
Today, I have two more from Liquidus Nail Gloss.  Liquidus Nail Gloss is a newer indie brand that has five polishes in her shop.  I shared a real winner with you two days ago-Peanut Wood.  Today, I will show you two more from her shop!  First, is Smithsonite.
Smithsonite is inspired by the aqua pearlescent mineral that it is named after.  It is described in the shop as blue, but to me it is a minty green.  I could be wrong, as I have had this argument with some nail friends about a previous polish that I thought was green but they all said was blue, so you tell me! It has a frosty finish and went on in two coats. It would have gone on easily, expect for that wonky brush that was in the minis.  Danielle has already been notified and it is no fault of hers that the supplier supplied her with brushes that were longer than the mini bottles. She is fixing that issue already!  This has no top coat, and is a gorgeous minty green!
Lapis is a blue jelly with iridescent flakes!  The gemstone it is named after also has shimmery flakes as well. This blue was incredibly sheer-even for a jelly. I used 4 coats to get it this opaque. I suggest waiting between coats before putting on the next layer. The flakes came out, but I would have preferred more. I suggest turning the bottle upside down to get more flakes on your brush.
Regardless of the issues I had, the blue in this is intense!  I love this color of blue and always find myself staring at polishes in this color range.

Here is a bottle shot of the two polishes from today's post and the gorgeous Peanut Wood that I reviewed a few days ago!  
Full-Sized bottles (.5oz) retail for $9 each.
Mini bottles (.25oz) retail for $6 each.
To buy, go to Liquidus on Etsy.

*these polishes were sent for an honest review*

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