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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liquidus Nail Gloss-Peanut Wood

I'm excited to show you today's polish from a newer indie that opened about two months ago-Liquidus Nail Gloss.  Liquidus Nail Gloss is owned by Danielle, who lives in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.  A passion for geology runs in her family and she has translated that passion into polish.  Each polish is inspired and named after rocks, gems, and minerals.
Peanut Wood is a brown jelly polish with matte white square glitters in two sizes.  In nature, peanut wood is a brown and white speckled petrified wood.  While I have never seen it, I think this captures the essence of it beautifully.
I used three coats of Peanut Wood to get it opaque.  This is quite normal for a jelly polish and I had next to no issues with application. I did have to do some minor fishing for the large squares, but a couple did come out on their own.  My other issue I have already talked to Danielle about, and she is in the process of having it fixed. I found that the brush was wonky in both of my minis.  I was still able to use it alright, but I had to concentrate a bit more.  It turns out that Liquidus' supplier had made the bristles too long in the mini bottles and so they are bent at the end.  Danielle is now checking them all individually before they go out, so this shouldn't be an issue going forth!  YAY for excellent customer service!
Peanut Wood layered beautifully, and is quite stunning!
I am rather impressed by this polish, and can't wait to try my other two.
Danielle believes in ecofriendly packaging and everything it ships in is 100% biodegradable-including the outer shipping envelope!
Here is a bottle shot of the three bottles she sent me.  I thought the bottles were great and unique.  (Other than the wonky mini brushes.)
Full-Sized bottles retail for $9 each.
Mini bottles retail for $6 each.
To buy, go to Liquidus on Etsy.


Chantel said...

Amazing nail polish.

Nailderella said...

I'm very impressed by this polish! It looks very original, I have never seen a brown jelly (except for a Nfu Oh one ;p ) and the brown-white mixture is gorgeous!