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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Literary Lacquers-The Purples!

I will be showing you my favorite Literary Lacquer polishes here today and it should come as no surprise that they DO happen to be purples. :o)  I bring to you today Love In Idleness, What Fools These Mortals Be, and Mina.  
Love In Idleness is named after a flower that is in a scene in the Shakespearean novel, A Midsummer Night's Dream.  And I am beginning to realize that Amy, the maker of Literary Lacquers, must be infatuated with that novel!  Most of her polishes are name after some aspect of the book.  I think it is awesome and has made me do some research and learn a few things in the process!
Love In Idleness is a muted lavender with a lot of components. I am just going to copy and paste what Amy has to say about it: Love-in-Idleness is a very complex polish, with a light purple base; jam 
packed with fairy magic and iridescent glitters of many shapes and size and purple square glitter.
I have layered it over ManGlaze Mink Mitten in this top picture.  I used two coats of Love In Idleness and the glitters spread fairly evenly and the base had great consistency.  I absolutely loved the blue square holos!
I also layered Love In Idleness by itself.  It took three coats to make it opaque and it layered very well.   I had no issues with it and think it is gorgeous by itself or over a base color.  I love the mix of hairy glitters along with the holo hexes!  It is very girly and fantasmical.
What Fools These Mortals Be is another great purple polish and possibly my favorite across the board!  It is a clear base so it definitely needs undies.  I layered it over A England's Guinevere.  It is packed with a myriad of glitters, so I will once again let Amy do the describing: This polish is a glitter riot. Holographic pink and purple sparkle form the base, with light green, aqua, fuchsia, and tons of black glitter thrown in for a pageant of color.
I had no issues at all with this polish. It had great application and a good consistency in the base. It was neither too thick nor too thin.  What I loved about this polish? The element of surprise in the green and black hexes and those gorgeous large blue hexes!  I fished around for those larger pieces, but they were easy to find!  This is the must have polish!
Lastly, we have Mina.  Mina is a black jelly base with a multitude of purple glitters and a scattering of silver.  I had issues with trying to wear this alone as it had patchy spots after three coats, so I am showing you what it looks like over Milani Black Swift.  I layered two coats of Mina over black and it is a STUNNER.   It layered well and the glitters dispersed fairly well.  This is my 2nd or 3rd favorite polish!  Well, all three of these rank in my top three!
This is the third in four posts about Literary Lacquers. I hope you enjoyed and go check her out!
Literary Lacquer retails for $10 each You can buy these polishes and more from her shop on Etsy by clicking HERE.
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*these polishes were sent to me for an honest review*

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