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Friday, November 2, 2012

Polished Perfection Sucker

A very long time ago, I bought Polished Perfection Sucker from a blog sale.  It has just been sitting on my desk as other-more in your face-polishes were used first.  I finally decided to swatch this one and then sell or swap it.  I put it on, and instantly fell in love.
I used three easy coats to get Sucker to a deeper shade of pink, but two coats would have made it opaque.  The flakes came out plentifully.  It was quite a dream to put on!  Have I mentioned yet how gorgeous this shade of pink is?  I LOVE it!
I will NOT be getting rid of this polish.  Sorry. :o)
YOu can buy from Polished Perfection HERE.
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1 comment:

Chantel said...

Gorgeous nail polish!