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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge-Aqua Lily

I was super lucky in that I was able to swap some polishes to get this baby-Rescue Beauty Lounge's Aqua Lily!  You can get it too in RBL's BIB4 that is happening RIGHT NOW!
Aqua Lily is an aqua blue creme shimmer that goes on evenly in two coats.  It went on smoothly and easily for me.  When I put it on, I saw pink shimmer everywhere!  I was ecstatic.  That shimmer somehow eluded my camera, although you can kind of see it in there somewhere!
These first three photos are in a light box with an Ott light.  It comes off more green in artificial light than in the sun. I could care less. I loved it any way I saw it!
The formula on this was superb and made me fall in love with Rescue Beauty Lounge even more.
Here are two pictures outdoors.  It is more blue, and while I was unable to capture the pink shimmer in ANY of the 40+ pictures I took, you CAN see it in the bottle.  That shimmer is what comes across on the nail.
You can buy this right now if you jump to it!  RBL is doing its Bring it Back 4, and it just opened up today!  For those of you who don't know what BIB4 is, Ji, occasionally brings back previously sold out polishes. And they are the ones that fans have been clamoring for the most!  Aqua Lily happens to be in  this BIB's line up!  (You'll want to get Insouciant too.)
You can buy yours right now by clicking HERE.  These beauties retail for $20 plus shipping.
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Ashley Haddock said...

Looks FAB on you!!!

Scottish Lass said...

That's awesome on you Michelle!