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Saturday, December 29, 2012


In place of my monthly favorites this month, I am excited to show you some of MY favorites from the past year! I will divide this up into two posts.  This post will feature my favorite brands and bloggers.  The 2nd post will feature my favorite polishes!
At this moment, there are well over 300 indie brands out there and I have sampled 65 of them!  To whittle that down to my top three was no small task. But I did it!  You may also wonder why certain indies aren't mentioned. I have yet to try some of the more popular  brands such as Hare Polish, Elevation Polish, Enchanted Polish, Sonnetarium... Take a look...
3RD PLACE-DANDY NAILS:  Sandy from Dandy Nails is uber-talented. Not only that, but her creativity and her quality control is very high.  I know that when I get a polish from Dandy Nails, that it will be well-made and gorgeous on my nails!  I don't have to worry about having any issues with her polishes and I can rest assured that they will amazing!
2ND PLACE: NAILVENTUROUS POLISH-While Amy is no longer selling her polishes, she came on the polish scene at the beginning of the year and our world will no longer be the same for it!  She invented the very first matte glitter with Floam. It has enabled all other indies to traverse the world of matte glitters. Her jelly sandwhiches always left me breathless, and she loved to push the envelope with her creativity!
1ST PLACE-GIRLY BITS:  In my mind, Girly Bits has set the standard when it comes to quality and good business. I can rest assured that when I buy from her, that I am getting a quality product that is out of this world.  I hold all other indie brands to her standards of quality.  I have loved every last polish she has made and she is well-rounded at making polishes. She can even turn an accidental glitter spill into a polish that everyone wants!
3RD PLACE-NAILD'IT UNIQUE POLISH:  I love Naild'It's thought process for polish. She came up with Summer Lovin' Melon which was a great nod to a watermelon. She made a polish that resembled a dandelion. She also made me an amazing custom camo polish!
2ND PLACE-JINDIE NAILS:  To think that I may never have tried Jindie Nails if she hadn't gotten in touch with me!  I am now a huge fan of Jindie Nails!  Her glitter jellies are classic and fun!  I own SO MANY of her polishes AND they are all keepers!  I even have a few on the way to me now!
1ST PLACE-MAYA POLISH:  Maya Cosmetics is flying a little under the radar, but I have got to tell you that she is one of my overall top two indies of the year along with Girly Bits.  Her quality control is top-notch and she is very well-rounded...From glitter bombs, to holos, to top coats, to glitter jellies, to shimmers... I have a feeling she won't fly under the radar for too much longer!  I say get them while you can...
2ND PLACE-MILANI:  Milani High Speed Fast Dry's were one of my must-have's for doing nail art this year!  I use them all the time. I just wish they had more colors!
1ST PLACE-SINFUL COLORS:  At the beginning of the year, I did not own one Sinful Color.  Now, I own about 20+.  At $2 a shot, they are the bargain of the century!  The creativity in a drugstore brand is unheard of. From Cinderella with it's pink shimmer, to the smoky Winterberry, to the gorgeous Kissy, I would have easily spent $8 on each of these!
3RD PLACE: RESCUE BEAUTY LOUNGE-I went from owning no RBL's to owning 8 of them! While I love the shimmery genius behind them all, I do wish the wear time were better.
2ND PLACE: DIOR-Thanks to some good friends with expensive taste, I now own a few Diors!  Every last one has incredibly long wear time and a fantastic brush that is second to none!  Well worth the price tag!
1ST PLACE: BUTTER LONDON-Butter London is my favorite higher end brand by far. It is cheaper than Dior, but has the outstanding quality and long wear time that Dior does. I love the bottles and they have great color selections to choose from!  Application is like Buttah too!
3RD PLACE-LOODIE LOODIE LOODIE: Each of these blogs is actually second to none for the reasons I chose them.  Loodie is incredible at giving tutorials on nail care. Her dry sense of humor and pointedness are also a large part of why I read her blog!

2ND PLACE-POINTLESS CAFE: Sheila from Pointless Cafe has been the reason I have bought polishes time and time again!  Her swatches are true to life, they are gorgeous, and she is honest.  She is my go-to for swatches!  Here is one I want specifically because of her.
1ST PLACE: CHALKBOARD NAILS- Sarah, it seems, has been voted the favorite blogger by several blogs!  I am no different. Her nail art is astounding, yet simple. She is meticulous and easy to understand. Her photography skills are perfection and I want to be her when I grow up!

Did any of these choices surprise you? Did you see any of them coming?


Scottish Lass said...

OMGosh no WAY!!!!!! Thank you! ♥ (Did you have to use a pic with my hideously long nails? HAHAHA!) Seriously though - thank you so much. ♥

The Silverinator said...

Hands down agree!!!!! No surprises <3

Ashesela said...

Wonderful post!! Oh I adore Girly Bits!

Debbie Crumpet said...

yay!! you did it :) xxx

Girly Bits said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Anita Keene said...

I follow virtually all the same polish makers & blogs except one; thanks for introducing me to LoodieLoodieLoodie!

Jindie Nails said...

I ♥ me some YOU! :) Thank you doll!