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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Battle of the Untried Christmas Reds

I am not a fan of red.  It has to be a very specific deep whine red for me to like it.  Having said that, I found all of these reds in my untried pile and thought, "HEY!  I should have a battle of the Christmas reds!"  These five were all untrieds...
First up, is China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  Yes, this one is an oldie, and I had a mini bottle of this long before I even got into nail polish!  But technically, THIS full-sized bottle was untried.  I swapped for it, so I could have a real one in my stash. :)  
Ruby Pumps went on in two coats.  It was a bit on the thin side, but no real issues.  It has a gorgeous darker red shimmer to it.  I absolutely LOVE this polish to death!
I won this Glitter Gal Red Sparkle from Llarowe in October.  It is an orangey red with some pink sparkle to it. Application on this one was better than all five!  It reminded me of a Butter London or a Dior (minus that amazing oval brush.) One coat was sufficient for full coverage.
Unfortunately, this is the very color of red I do not like.
Next, I have a red glitter by Red Dog Designs called The Engineer.  This took two coats for opacity and layered evenly and smoothly.  This has that wine color that I love as well!
I used a coat of Maya Cosmetics glitter top coat and a coat of Seche Vite.  Obviously, the down side to this (and any glitter polish) is that it is a bear to take off.
Next, I have Smitten Polish Fire and Ice.  This is more of a pink red with glitters in it. It isn't quite as opaque as The Enigneer, but it still went on smoothly and easily in two coats.
I top coated it with a coat of Maya glitter top coat and a coat of Seche Vite.
Lastly, I have Alter Ego's Savors Strawberries.  This is also a jelly polish, but with tiny black matte glitters. It leans more red-pink as well.  I think it is very reminiscent of strawberries!  I used two coats of this one and it was thicker than your average indie glitter polish.  I used two coats of top coat to smooth it out as well.  The glitters all came out easily and spread well.

I know that there is a lot of variety in this post, but my absolute favorite overall is China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  For application, the best one was Glitter Gal.  For best glitter, I have to say Red Dog Designs.
Which was your favorite?


Tina Marie Colombo said...

They are all so beautiful (yet so different)! It's a shame you don't like reds. That Glitter Gal one is awesome.

Jenna Froggy said...

I would definitely say Ruby Pumps is my favorite...I also have major issues with reds. I can't stand for them to lean to pink or orange. I like a true red, red :D

Debbie Crumpet said...

aw i love posts like this !!!!

Smashley Dawn said...

Ruby Pumps is the winner for me! Gorgeous and classic.

Jenn said...
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cynthia decker said...

What a great idea! You did fabulus manis with them all & I appreciate your attention to detail!