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Friday, December 21, 2012

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul Post and More!

OK, I have lost track of what I have and have not posted as far as haulage goes, but the majority of this is from Black Friday and Cyber Monday-part 2.  First, I bought two Colorama polishes from Llarowe thanks to +MANICURATOR's lovely swatches!   They are Brazilian jelly drug store brands.
Colorama Gota and Sombra
 I also bought two Contrary Polishes from Llarowe.  Both are gorgeous smoky shimmers.  I saw swatches of these beauties from +Cosmetic Sanctuary.
Contrary Polish: Desert Fruit and Purple Smoke
 I found out via the inter webs that Milani was having a 75% off their holo line! They ended up being $1.47 each.  I already have the green, but forgot to buy the silver one.
Milani: Digital, Cyberspace, 3-D, and Hi-Res
 Milani was also having 75% off more than just their holo line. I grabbed a nail art polish for less than $2.  I went to three different CVS's in my town to find these. Two of the three did not advertise, nor did the polishes have the 75% off sticker. I had to take mine to the price check and they showed up as 75% off.  There was also makeup 75% off as well. I believe they are discontinuing these, so it should be 75% off until they are gone.
 My mom and I go to Carmel-by-the-Sea every year before Christmas for a day of window shopping and eating.  Imagine my utter shock when my mom found these at an Anthropologie in the clearance! They were $7.95 each.
Sheswai Honeyfox and Megan Miller Coral Bliss
I won a flash giveaway on Not Too Polished's Facebook page!
Here you see Rosebud, Dusk, and Dessica.  I was able to choose three polishes from her collection and I was super excited to see shimmers!
I have already posted about this one, but this is an LE-already sold out- Maya Cosmetics Christmas polish called Baby, It's Cold Outside.  It is super gorgeous.   HERE is the link to my post.
I have wanted Dior Electric Blue for a long time.  I finally splurged on it as it is getting harder and harder for me to find. I bought it directly from Dior.Com.  It is selling on Ebay for much more.
Chirality Nail Polish sent me a new Apollonia since my old one didn't seem to have enough holo.
Did I show you these already???  I bought UP Colors Grafite Night, and Verde 360, and La Femme Unica.  I had swapped my Verde 360 and have regretted it since!
My first +Elevation Polish!!!!!  I have no idea why I waited so long to order, but she always sells out and she has amazing polishes!  I like the way she restocks as well-every 7th and 22nd she reopens with new stock and she also has one of a kinds for sale that seem to disappear before my very eyes!
Catch A Wave has CIRCLE GLITTER in it.
Pic De Subenuix is a shimmery purple/blue.
Toubkal is just straight up gorgeous.  A darker red with gold shimmer.  I saw +Pointless Cafe's swatches and KNEW I needed this one.
The epicness has just begun...  My dear friend, Jin Jit,  bought these Italian Pupa holographic polishes for me in her home country of Israel, and then sent them on to me!  What's more is they were on a great sale!  She even sent me some fantastic Israeli Candy!  The EOS Lip balm is amazing. It is a Mint flavor.
Italian Holo goodness!
The pinks and purples...
The blues...
The greens...
The neutrals...
Liquidus Nail Gloss kindly sent me this one for review!  It is a stunning olive dark green.
I received an amazing RAOK from a friend, Ana.  She sent me a long-time lemming-Dior Purple Mix. She also sent me a newer lemming that I couldn't seem to find over here, Sinful Nova.
Sinful Nova. Look at eeeeet!
Dior Purple Mix. Yummy smoky purple.
Until next time!!!


Jenn said...

OH YUMMY FIVE DAYS OFF FOR YOU! I can't wait to see what they all look like...esp. that circle glitter one and the Dior. And....

Chantel said...

Amazing nail polishes! I love them all.