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Sunday, December 2, 2012

BLOG HAUL POST! Epic, I Tell You.

Prepare for some exciting bottle shots!  I received two RAOK's and did a lot of swapping!  I also bought some polishes and received some for review.
As most of you know, I just lost my uncle this past week.  I have also been having a rough time personally.  Two ladies sent me a Random Act Of Kindness because of that.
This first one came from my friend all the way in Denmark!  It is from indie brand, Well Nails and is called Foxy Fishbabe and is right up my alley-light purple jelly with lavender and blue glitters.  My husband is a commercial fisherman, so the name was appropriate too. :o)  Thank you, M!
My 2nd ROAK was a gorgeous new nail polish from Alter Ego!  Jewelry Box Ballerina is a gorgeous shimmer delicate pink.  Thank you, C!
These two babies I bought from Rescue Beauty Lounge-Anne and Catherine.  Anne was in danger of being out of stock and I had to get it!  Catherine wanted to come along for the ride.
I participated in a Secret Santa, and here is what my Secret Santa sent me!
These two have been on my wish list for awhile-Red Dog Designs The Temptress and The Enigineer.
These two are brand-spanking new holiday polishes from Sea Lore-Glacial Grayling and Snowy Seal!
I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON!  I won a giveaway over at Llarowe when she was doing multiple flash giveaways back in October.  Emily de Molly Black Forest and Glitter Gal Red.
I did a fantastic swap with a fellow blogger and I got this huge amount of polish!
Dandy Nails Parallel Universe, Barielle, and Nfu-Oh 61.
Cirque Tibetan Nights, Smitten Polish Fire and Ice.
Mini Windestine Spica, Shimmer Liana, and Different Dimensions To the Moon and Back.
I bought MORE Rescue Beauty Lounge when I found out Insouciant was coming back in the BIB4!  I also got Mismas.
I bought my 2nd Dior-Amazonia, and my first Chanel-Malice.
I received some to review...Girly Bits Season Of Sparkle 2012-Visions of Sugar Plums, Long Winter's Nap and Heirloom.  These are already posted on my blog!
I love me some Jindie Nails.  I was sent Mr. Grinch, Burr-berry, and the real Blue, Blue Xmas.
This brand is new to me and the bottles are super gorgeous in real life-Laquerlicious!
Cloudless Day, Christmas Snowfall, and Camera Flash!
One of my favorite brands, Maya Cosmetics sent me a couple to review...
Smolder and No Big Deal.
Swap packages are great! Here's one....two Model's Own, and Butter London!
Another swap: Ulta, Daring Diva, and Lacquerhead Polish. last picture and swap-Chaos and Crocodiles Sunset Clouds and China Glaze Ruby Pumps.
WHEW!  You worn out?  I know I am!  Now....what to wear?


Katherine Laite said...

Can you post links to Well Nails and LacquerLicious? I'd love to check out their shops!

Thanks :)

Michelle Rouhier said...

Sorry about that! Actauly, if you go to the top of my page and click on "Indie Nail Polish Brands," you can find the links to their shops there!

Debbie Crumpet said...

very interested in your Lacquerlicious - they look great x

CNDNailTech said...

You are going to be a busy girl with swatching!!