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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chanel Malice-The Perfect Christmas Red.

Merry Christmas, everyone.  I had splurged on Chanel Malice on Black Friday, and knew I would wear it for Christmas Day!  If you are following my Facebook blog page, then you know I am also messing around with the camera on my new iPhone, along with some photography apps.  I tell you that, because my purpose today is two-fold.  I want to show you my manicure as usual, but I also want your opinion on the pictures I took and the watermark on my iPhone picture.
This first photo is taken my normal way with my normal watermark-outdoors in the shade with my regular camera. 
 I used striping tape and Pop Beauty Gold Metal for the ribbon.  I used two coats of Chanel Malice, although on a couple of fingers, one coat was plenty!  It went on like a dream, although because of the darkness of the color, i had to be careful not to get it on my skin, so clean-up would be easier.
 This next photo I took with my iPhone indoors.  I did not mess with the coloring in any way. I only put a border around the picture and used iWatermark for the watermark.  
You can see the subtle shimmer in Chanel Malice and the blackened red makes this polish special.
 This last picture was also taken outside with my regular camera, using my regular watermark.
I kept this photo because it was taken in the sun and you can see the brightness of the red shimmer a lot better.
Obviously, my regular camera takes better photos, but I really want to make my iPhone my main photo taker. It is a lot simpler to use and download photos with. While I still need practice with my iPhone, I do want to transition over to it soon. What are your thoughts on that and on the watermark?


Jenn said...

Gorgeous color and idea! I love gold glitter with this red!
(Yay for you- you posted it on time lol)

Cher Marsino said...

The regular camera photos seem more purple red where the iPhone came out more red. I use my iPhone for my photos and you are right, the downloading is so much easier. Love the combination with the gold!