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Monday, December 31, 2012

iPhone vs. Sony Using Chanel Malice

For the past two weeks, I have been playing around with my iPhone 5's camera so that I could possibly use it instead of my "real" camera.  Granted, my real camera is awesome. It is a Sony DSC-H10.  It only has two faults-it can't take good macros and it sucks at taking indoor pictures.
I wanted to try using my iPhone more, because I can do everything from my iPhone!  I can watermark, edit, crop and share with ease!  With my Sony, I have to plug my camera into my computer, download, edit and crop, move each individual picture to my watermarking program and move it back again, and then download them into blogger!  I don't mind it, but the ease of use of the iPhone is so very tempting!

I will be doing a few iPhone vs. Sony posts.  Here is the first.

I had already posted about my Chanel Malice manicure HERE, but when I finally downloaded my Malice pictures from my Sony, I was stunned. They made my iPhone pictures look like crap!
The following two pictures are with my Sony...
 The true shimmer of the blackened red really shows through!
 The detail is unforgettable...
And here is the iPhone picture... :o(  At the time, I thought it was passable.
 I say that this round definitely goes to my Sony.


Vane Ortiz said...

having Malice i have to say i prefer your Iphone pics to the sony since the iphone looks more true to color. One of my big problems with "nice" camera pics is that they raise my expectations then i get the actual polish and the iphone pic i saw online was more representative of what i got and had i trusted that more i would had passed on some shades which i let go after i got them home and were not as fab as they seemed on the awesome camera pics .

Elizabeth said...

Wow, the Sony really captures so much more detail!