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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jindie Nails Mr. Grinch

I'm not sure what's going on with me lately.  I think I have switched over to the dark green side.  I used to hate green polishes, but now...NOW I LOVE THEM!  When I saw Jindie Nails' Mr. Grinch, I KNEW I had to have it!  Mr. Grinch is a limey green jelly with matte white and red squares and bars in it.  There are also some red hearts and one black heart (Mr. Grinch's heart-cute, huh?!)  I was unable to get any red hearts out even after several minutes of fishing. Sorry!  It is still gorgeous without them. 
I layered three coats on all nails except the ring finger, where I used a coat of Sinful Colors Innocent and two coats of Mr. Grinch.
You can really see the difference from close-up.  The ring finger doesn't have a lot of depth, but is more vivid and the other fingers have a ton of depth, but are obviously jellified!  (I totally made up that word.)
Mr. Grinch went on smoothly and easily. The glitters came out easily and speed out evenly-except the hearts which I could not fish out.
Bottle shot!

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*this polish was sent for an honest review*


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Ooooh, I just ordered candy cane and water for elephants (?)I love her polishes and I can't wait! This one looks great!