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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Laquerlicious Cloudless Day and Christmas Snowfall

 Laquerlicious (the "C" is left out on purpose) is owned by a nail technician named Michelle who lives in Northern California.  Michelle has been a nail technician for 18 years and has always been interested in making her own polishes.
I have very recently decided to start asking the indie brands that I review a couple of questions about their polish-making process.  Here is what she had to say...
I first mix the concoctions in mini bottles and let them sit for 2 months. So far I have had great luck with no bleeding, no fading no "tinting" and no thickening in that time period. Also, very little settling of glitter or pigment. I buy high quality glitter (specifically solvent resistant) and pigments. I use stainless steel balls designed for polish and nice, standard .5 oz bottles...I do use quality basecoats and topcoats which I stress to my buyers.

Tonight, I have two more Laquerlicious polishes for you!  The first one is called Cloudless Day.  It is a light grey jelly with fun and bright matted glitters in it!  I layered it on its own on three one my fingers, but on my ring finger, I used one coat over a Color Club nameless bottle that I had. It was the exact color of the base of Cloudless Day though!  
Cloudless Day went on easily and smoothly. I used three coats, which is to be expected from a jelly.  I had no issues and loved the end result!  While Cloudless Day can be made opaque on its own, I wanted to see what it would look like layered over another color.  If you like it to be more in-your-face, then that would be the way to go!
This is a gorgeous polish and very well made!
I'm playing around with macro shots.  Here is Cloudless Day macro'ed.

The next polish is a Christmas polish!  Christmas Snowfall is a stunning gray-blue jelly with several shades of blue glitter in it.  I absolutely loved this one!  I layered it on its own on most of my fingers, except for my ring finger, where I layered one coat over Sinful Colors Cinderella.
I only needed three coats to make it opaque and it went on flawlessly.  The glitters spread evenly and laid flat.
This polish is such a gorgeous wintry polish!  I can't wait to use it over and over again in this cold weather!

Bottle shot...

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*this polish was sent for an honest review


Marnie said...

I wonder how Christmas Snowfall would look over Dove??

Nails and a Westie said...

Cloudless Day looks amazing!!

CNDNailTech said...

Very nice reviews Michelle, your pictures are amazing! Thank you so much :)