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Friday, December 7, 2012

Maya Cosmetics No Big Deal

Maya Cosmetics is quickly becoming my favorite indie brand EVER. I am continuously floored by the professionalism and quality of the polishes.  The creativity and artistry is in a league that I only put a handful of other indies in.
Today, I will show you another polish by Maya Cosmetics that has me in shock. It is called No Big Deal.  Kat, the genius behind Maya Cosmetics describes it like this:  "No Big Deal is a shimmer is a green-leaning charcoal jelly with bright blue and green/gold/blue color-shifting micro flakes."
WOW. That is all I think when I stare at it.  It is truly a blackened jelly with gold, green and blue micro flakes.  She suggests using three thin coats and waiting in between coats to prevent drag.  I found that just putting a thin coat on all ten nails and then going over them again was enough of a wait time.  My second coat was a bit thicker, but I did notice a few bald spots when I did it that way, so I concur that three thin coats would be best.  You could get away with one thin and one thick if you don't need to take pictures.
No Big Deal-which really IS a HIGE deal- went on smoothly and I had no issues with it.  I used a top coat of Seche Vite to finish it off.
I tried getting a macro, and WOW!  Check out the micro flakes!
I have a lot of picture spam of this one, so bear with me.  I just couldn't edit too many out!

My new hand position that I am experimenting with.
Here is a bottle shot of No Big Deal.

I love all of Maya Cosmetics polishes, but this one really took the cake for me!

Where to buy:  Go To Maya Cosmetics.   Polishes retail between $8-$9 each. Her Top Coat is $4.
Facebook Page: LIKE Maya Cosmetics for updates and swatches of some of the above polishes!
*this polish was sent for an honest review*


Sarah said...

Beautiful!! It's hard not to post a million pics when the swatches are this perfect.

Jenna Froggy said...

Wow, such a gorgeous polish. I really need to check these out sometime :D