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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RBL Anne

Well, are you all Christmas'ed out yet?  I thought I would share a non-Christmasy polish with you today.  Rescue Beauty Lounge came out with a collection long before I had even heard of RBL.  It was centered around the wives of King Henry VIII.  I happen to be a huge fan of all novels written about the wives of King Henry VIII, so it was a must for me to buy a couple of them.  Today, I am going to show you Anne.
Anne is a deep bronze color with a pink shimmer. I was actually able to capture that shimmer for you!  It only took two coats to make it opaque and I had no real issues to speak of with application.
Pardon the picture spam, but I really couldn't edit.
I am a huge fan of RBL, and I am noticing that people either love or hate it.  Here is my opinion...I can not find these shimmers anywhere else.  Ji has a tremendous talent for putting colors together and bringing out nuances that other polishes just dream of doing.  For that reason alone, I love the polishes.
Unfortunately, there is a downside to the polishes. For $20 apiece, I expect quality in the way of Dior or even Butter London.  RBL's chip and get tip wear way too easily for that $20 price tag. (This one had tip wear by 9am.)  The application is just average. Some polishes don't self level very well, and some are thin and pool in the cuticle.  For $20, I want a brush that is thicker and higher quality.  These brushes are just average.
I will still buy RBL's though, because I love the creativity and genius behind them. I love that she has contests where her fans can possibly have their own dream polishes made.
You can buy yours right now by clicking HERE.  These beauties retail for $20 plus shipping.
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Scottish Lass said...

This looks AMAZING on you! Great photos!

The Silverinator said...

Agree with Sheila. This is gorgeous and you did a great job capturing the depth of this polish. Beautiful

Jennifer Tesauro said...

I am literally purrrrring over these pictures! Fa-bo-lo-us!

lauriestrode said...

I really agree with you on all your pointers here, Michelle. Ji's knack for making shimmers is unparalleled in the polish world in my opinion!

The thing is, my first nine RBL's all have awesome formulas and glide on like butter. Five of them were bought during her last ever sale in November 2010 and then I bought the Tudors in December 2010. But I remember Ji having problems with her lab in mid 2011 and I think the following collections suffered from this. Already with Poco a Poco I started having appliction problems and I don't even wanna start on the crappy issues I had with the three from the first fan collection that I own.

But like you I will probably still buy them from time to time I especially am looking forward to the next fan collection *crossing fingers for better formula*

Oh, and as usual your pictures are gorgeous!!

Kas said...

LOVE! I honestly don't have a long list of polishes on my wishlist but this has the coveted 1st place.