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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lynderella's Mercurial

Why is it, when I get the biggest haul of my life, the sun goes into hiding?!
Fortunately, Lynnderella's Mercurial glistens WITHOUT the sun!  YES!  I have a Lynnderella polish on my fingers!  I bought my first one's from the Llarowe website and ACTUALLY GOT THROUGH.  I know.   :o)  I love Mercurial. It embodies many things that I love: silver and black, steel and metal, dark and tough, sexy and mysterious. This is me in so many ways!
I like wearing these glitters with a base coat of some sort, because I like to have a hard edge of color on my nail. I used Zoya Kelly for this one!  See my post about Zoya Kelly here.
It was a little tough getting any of the larger hex glitters out of the bottle. I tried and tried and in the end, I only got two.  The smaller silver glitters are in abundance though and they all lay in a base of dark grey jelly.  There are some silver square glitters as well and some lavender ones peeking out here and there.  What I love about Lynnderella and Lacquistry glitters is that they constantly give me the unexpected.  From far away you see black and silver and glitter, but up close you see lavender and large hexes.  I do wish there had been more lavender in the bottle though.
This polish really ate up my top coat. I put one thick coat of Seche Vite and within an hour I could feel the grittiness of the polish again. I really need to buy a bottle of Gelous!  I know that other nail bloggers always put two top coats on, but I am scroogish with my top coat, so I didn't.  I will probably pony up for that second coat from now on though!
How do you like Lynnderella's polishes? Do you have a favorite?  Any long time lemmings?
If you want to buy some Lynnderella's, click the above linked Llarowe website link.  She will be restocking throughout February.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

A-England Bridal Veil-A Black Holo Beauty

Here Comes the Bride....All dressed   
  According to English legend, St. George came to the rescue of a maiden princess, Sabra,  who was about to be fed to a dragon.  She was decked out in bridal attire when St. George rescued her and later, using his sword, which was named Ascalon, he slew the dragon.  
This is a very watered down version of the story. To read the wikipedia version, click here.
This legend is what inspired Adina, creator of A-England, to create this brand new collection.  The Legends Collection consists of seven polishes:  St. George, Princess Tears, Ascalon, Princess Sabra, Dragon, Order of the Garter, and Bridal Veil.  I have purchased three of those and today I will show you Bridal Veil!
With the blurry effect, you can really see the color!
As you can see, Bridal Veil is a black-based, subtle holograph.  Like the other A-Englands I have purchased, it goes on effortlessly. I applied two coats and needed no clean up. The brush is small and easy to hold.   The first coat is very thin, but becomes opaque after the second coat.  What I find amazing about this brand is that if I smudge my nail, I can dab on more polish and it will still self-level!  This is great for someone like me who is pretty careless with my hands.
I am not a big fan of black polish on its own, so I hesitated to get this. But I love how it looks in the sunlight!  The glimmers of green, orange, red, yellow and teal are eye-catching!

I have a huge interest in history!  I love to read about certain types of history-Civil War, African-American history, US history, to name a few... So being able to learn a little bit about English history while buying nail polish is a sweet bonus for me!  Thanks, A-England! 
In the shade, this is what Bridal Veil looks like. It is black with a slight starry effect.
So what do you think?  Do you own any of the The Legends Collection? Which ones?
To buy A-England from Llarowe, click HERE.
To go to the A-England website, click HERE.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Tin Foil Picture Tutorial

I know that this is Nail Polish 101 to some of you, but I've had a couple of friends ask me how to take glitter off.  I thought I would make a picture tutorial for the tin foil method, since I personally get things better with visuals.  
I didn't make this up myself. It has been around for a while and I don't know who came up with it. I did however, add some tips of my own to make it easier.  Doing it this way takes me less than 10 minutes!
 Gather together 100% acetone, scissors, tin foil and two cotton squares, although cotton balls work just as well.
 MICHELLE TIP #1:  Since I am a scrooge and don't want to waste my stuff, I cut two squares into ten pieces.  If using cotton balls, you can unwrap them and tear them into strips.
 I then tear a 4" wide strip of tin foil and rip it into 10 squares. Make sure they are big enough to wrap around your finger.
 Dip a cotton square in acetone and place on pinkie nail.
 Wrap one of the cut pieces of tin foil around finger snugly.
MICHELLE TIP #2: To make it as easy on myself as possible, I start with the pinkies and work my way to the thumbs.  That way it doesn't start to get awkward until I am wrapping my thumbs.
 Repeat process until all 10 nails are wrapped.
 Wait for only 5 minutes!
 MICHELLE TIP #3:  Pull the foil wrapped cotton off of your finger, placing slight pressure on your nail as you pull.  This helps take everything off that may not have stuck to the cotton.
MICHELLE TIP #4:  Start with your pinkies and work your way to your thumbs again. The acetone has sat longer on your pinkies, and your thumbs could use that extra time.
Yes, this is brutally ugly. :o)  
This is what my hand looked like afterward. (Apologies for the stainage!)  There was one piece of large hex glitter left and minor polish on the side of one nail. The other hand had three hex glitters and some polish on the thumb.   It does dry out your skin as you can plainly see!  Pamper with lotion and cuticle cream when done!  I hope this is useful to someone!  Let me know what you thought!

Lacquistry: Blackberry Cordial-You May Need Sunglasses For This!

  I have had my eye on Lacquistry's Blackberry Cordial for a long while. Can you blame me?  Look at this...
This polish reminds me of  a photograph I saw in a hot rod magazine a long time ago. A woman rebuilt a hot rod and had painted the outside a gunmetal grey; but the inside was a beautiful, magenta color!  Strong on the outside, feminine on the inside...  That's what this makes me think of-a strong, yet feminine woman.

 I thought it would be over the top to put a base coat of DS Extravagance, but I'm not entirely sure you can tell the difference.  That was my only disappointment. 
 The color of Blackberry Cordial defies description.  It is magenta, fuchsia, pink, and purple in a jelly base of the same color.  A Maguchsia-Pinurple!  I guess that's not as catchy as Blackberry Cordial though. ;o)
 The glitters themselves are one of the many things I love about Jenna's creations.  There are fine glitters, and then large hex glitters! AND these hex glitters are not shy about coming out to play either!
 Lacquistry is tops in my book when it comes to glitter polishes. The prices are unbelievably low and the glitters are not too hard to maneuver.   Have I convinced you to buy yet?
 This was a bear to photograph though!  I took so many pictures trying to get the color accurate. Hopefully, I did it justice.  These pictures have slightly more pink in them than they should.  Oh!  And it eats up top coat like no tomorrow, but that is normal for any glitter polish!  I  used two coats of Seche Vite and it smoothed out.
 The rest of these pictures are just for fun and photography sake. :o)  Feel free to click on them to make them larger!

 This is what Blackberry Cordial looks like from an arms length away.
 Click HERE if you want to buy from Lacquistry's Etsy shop.  If she is out of a polish, don't despair! She restocks frequently!
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's a Holo Haul! Kind of...

 ...okay, maybe it's not completely holo, but I really wanted Perceval!  And he really wanted to tag along with the other holos!  I bought all of these delicious beauties from Leah Anne at Llarowe.
 As I was checking out her website and what she had in stock, I noticed that the Hits Mari Moons were only $8!  In the midst of my A-England and Lynnderella frenzy, I completely bypassed Hits Mari Moon!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?  Of course, most of them were out, but I did get to buy this one called Daring.  Upon closer inspection of the Mari Moon page on Llarowe, I've decided I need Artsy, Dreamer, and Unconventional too!
Hits Mari Moon-Daring
I haven't known about A-England for very long; but in that short time frame, I have fallen head over heels in love!  After having bought Tristam and Lady of the Lake from The Mythicals Collection, Perceval was next on my list. I saw it featured on another blog and knew I had to have it!  I like reds, but I am super picky about them.  It has to fall in a certain shade range in order for me to like it. This one seems to fit the bill!  I can't wait to try it on!
 *drum roll please*  A-England came out with The Legends Collection, and I jumped right on that bandwagon!  I knew I had to have St. George! This was a must have!
 Second on my Legends' list was Bridal Veil...
 And third, was Ascalon.  All three of these are holos!  A-England is super fantastic when it comes to ease of use and high-end quality in their polishes, so I already know these will be winners!
Leah Anne has made it easy for those of us in the USA to buy certain international polishes!  Click HERE to buy A-England and Hits Mari Moon from Llarowe.
Click HERE to buy Perceval or any of the Mythicals Collection from A-England.  If you want The Legends Collection, they are not yet on her site. You can send an email of your order by clicking HERE.

Hits Poseidon with Nina Ultra Pro Glamrock French Tips!

I would first like to welcome all of my new readers!  Hi everyone!  Thank you for thinking me worthy of your time!  I am a little stunned to have doubled my followers in less than two days. I had better start thinking of my 100 follower giveaway! Wow. That will be my first giveaway!
Well, let's get on with it, shall we?
Something I like to do with my manicures is to try to refresh them and to stretch the manicure out with some creativity.  With my new Hits Poseidon polish, I wasn't quite ready to take it off, so I took Nina Ultra Pro Glamrock and did a french tip.  Glamrock was one of my first glitter polishes.  It is a dense, charcoal glitter that only needs one coat and I love it!
It was another cloudy day, so no holo to show you, but the glitter makes up for that!
I love the light blue with the dark charcoal grey tip. It gives a classy, yet edgy look!
Remember my thumb with the black base under Poseidon? Here it is with Glamrock on the tip!
I am pretty impatient and you can see the effects of that with the nick in my polish. :o(
I had to resort to the lighting at my desk to get the holo to come out, hence the lobster hands. But at least you can see the holo!
Aahhh, much better!  Holo prettiness AND no lobster hands!
While I am still a glitter girl at heart, the holos are reeling me in!  I even ordered three of the new A-England holos and they are sitting on my desk at this moment!

If you want to buy a Hits polish or A-England, you can buy them on Leah's website: Llarowe. Click here to go there!  And thank you all for following me!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hits Posiedon swatched over different polishes

Ohhhhh!  Lookee here!  If this is holo, then I AM IN!!    Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to holo heaven!  This is called Hits No Olimpo Collection-Poseidon.  It's described as a "Robin's egg blue linear holographic nail polish" on Llarowe's website.  And that "robin's egg" description is exactly why I bought it!  The Hits polishes hail from Brazil and they are very affordable at $10 per bottle!
I was fortunate enough to have SUN when I shot these photos, and you can see the dizzying rainbow of color that this demure robin's egg blue gives off when the light hits it.
Poseidon is much more subtle in the shade as you can see here, but is still beautiful.
  The rainbows of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue are ridiculous!  It almost seems like a trick of the eye-but it's not.

Poseidon went on easily, but needed three coats and was still not quite opaque around the edges.  For this reason I decided to use different base coats on my left hand.
On my middle and pinkie fingers is Pure Ice A-List.  On my ring and index finger is Essie Smooth Sailing.  On my thumb I used WnW Black Creme.                                                           
I used two coats of Hits Poseidon on each finger of this hand.  I found that Pure Ice A-List was an exact match for the base color of Poseidon.  It gave me the opacity that I was aiming for without changing the color of Poseidon.  Essie Smooth Sailing is a more dusty, darker blue and it brought out the holo more.
The black base really brought the holo out, but I didn't like the dark edge around the nail bed.  Of course, that could be the fault of the user! :o)
So tell me what you thought!  Do you own this? Did I convince you to go buy it?
To buy Hits polishes, click here.
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