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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hit Mari Moon-Daring

This is the last in my series of Mari Moon Matted.  (I do not own the others, so I can't do a post on them.)  Today is Mari Moon Daring.  This is the first Mari Moon I bought, and I actually posted about it HERE awhile ago.  I redid my nails for this post, so that I could show it to you matte!  Let me just say that this one is a stunner!  It shifts from deep lavender to a beautiful muted blue.
 If you click on the pictures, you can see some great detail!
 Like the rest, this did not go on easily. The brush was too large and there were stray bristles.  I had to use three coats, and I prefer to only use two of any polish.  But once it was on my nails and I had done my clean-up, I forgot all about the pain of application.  I really love these duo chromes!  Someone is going to have to tell me what other brands have them!
  Here is Daring matted.  It is so very beautiful!  It reminds me of steel. I don't know why; it just has that strength to it.  Here you can see the blue and lavender shimmer.
In this picture, it actually looks somewhat grey with a hint of lavender at the top!
And one last picture of it's matted goodness!  I love these Mari Moons matted. I may have to buy the others just so I can matte them!
You can buy Hits Mari Moons, and a host of other international brands at Llarowe, run by the amazing Leah Anne.  Click HERE to visit her site.  Thanks for reading my series on Matted Mari Moons!  I hope you enjoyed it!

Shelle By The Shore-My Etsy Shop!

I have finally pushed the button to make my Etsy shop live!  If you wonder what I am talking about, my husband and I have been collecting beach glass and stones, beach pottery and shells for many years.  Just a year ago, I started making my own jewelry after seeing beach glass jewelry that I wanted go for hundreds of dollars.  I just knew I could make it for a more affordable price!  I named my shop, "Shelle By The Shore,"  because my family calls me Shelle and my dad would always (and still does) call me Shelle by the shore.
Here are a few of the pieces I have for sale in my Etsy shop...

To visit my Etsy shop, click HERE.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hits Mari Moon Matted-Artsy

Today is part 3 in my series of Mari Moon Matted.  Before I start, I want to confess something. All of the names of the Mari Moons rubbed off when I was using them, and while I was able to figure out Daring and Unconventional, I was having a hard time deciphering the other two-Artsy and Dreamer.  I realized I screwed up and my first of the series was actually DREAMER!  I have fixed the mistake, but I am sorry if I confused you!  Today is actually Artsy!  
 Artsy is a beautiful duo-chrome that flashes deep purple to royal blue chrome!
 There is also some lighter berry purple in there as well.  I love these Mari Moons, and even though they are Brazilian nail polishes, Llarowe makes things easier on those of us Stateside by selling them through her website!  I bought all of mine through her, and shipping was fast and painless.
 Artsy applied just like the rest of them, it was a pain in my booty, but I got through it and promptly forgot the pain when I saw my nails!  How could you not?!  Look at it!
Artsy translates beautifully when matted.  It somehow still looks chrome-just MATTED chrome!  The colors stay largely the same, unlike Dreamer, with one exception.
 When you tilt your nails to an extreme angle, you get a bronze looking flash of color!  All I can say is, "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!"
I love my Mari Moons Matted!  Have I made a believer out of you yet?
To see Part 1-Dreamer, click HERE.
To see Part 2-Unconventional, click HERE.
You can buy Hits Mari Moons, and a host of other international brands at Llarowe, run by the amazing Leah Anne.  Click HERE to visit her site

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mari Moon Unconventional-MATTED

Today, I will be showing you Hits Mari Moon Unconventional. Yesterday, I started the four-part series with Artsy.
Unconventional is a stunningly beautiful burgundy-wine red.  As far as reds go, I like them, but I am extremely picky about them.  As a result, I only have eight in my stash!  (Isn't that awful?)  This one is fantastic as far as shades go!
The duo chrome in it didn't show up for me very well. What you see in my pictures is what I saw on my nails. I barely saw a slight purple on the ends of my nails when I turned them.
Like Artsy, the application was still really awkward and painful; but like Artsy, I forgot about it the moment I was finished!  The red is OUTSTANDING!
Now, as if that wasn't enough, check it out matted!  The red is still just as beautiful and the purple shows up just a tad at an angle.   Can you believe how it still looks chrome after it is matted?!
 Now, if only Hits would make their bottle brushes better, and the polish a bit more opaque, it would be perfect!
Do me a favor, comment and tell me what YOUR favorite red is!  I have a really hard time finding reds that I like!
You can buy Hits Mari Moons, and a host of other international brands at Llarowe, run by the amazing Leah Anne.  Click HERE to visit her site.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hits Mari Moon-Dreamer MATTED.

I decided to do a four-part series on the Mari Moons.  I am a little late to the game when it comes to buying these babies.  I know most of you have seen them swatched already, so I am going to bring something else to the table that you may NOT have seen yet-MATTED MARI MOONS.   Today, I am going to show you Mari Moon Dreamer.  Dreamer is a gorgeous duo chrome that flashes blue to purple to a hint of burnt orange.  While I don't like foil finishes, I LOVE chrome finishes! I love how smooth and mirror-like they are!
Every Mari Moon applied the same. It reminded me of getting a tattoo-you forget all about the pain of the process once it is over and you can enjoy the beauty.  You heard me right-I just compared Mari Moons' polishes to getting a tattoo. The application is painful!  The brushes are clumpy and grossly oversized.  The bristles are super wonky-bristiles sticking out here and there, and when you lay it on your nail, you can see the edge of the bristles is jagged.  And the polish itself is thick and took THREE coats to become opaque.  I know some bloggers believe three coats is acceptable. I am not that patient. Two coats is the acceptable norm to me.  But at $8 a pop, I find it to be worth it and a whole lot cheaper than a tattoo!
Once you get the polish on your nail, you kinda forget the pain though.  Just look at the beauty!
I could not stop looking at my nails!  Dreamer is the best duo chrome of the bunch in that it changes three colors and the change is pretty obvious!
For fun, I thought, what does it look like matted?  Will it change the colors? Will the color changing be altered?  For Dreamer, the answer is YES and YES!  It still changed colors, but the colors were slightly different!
The blue was more purple...
The purple more red...
The burnt orange more coppery!  I LOVED having Dreamer matted!  The finish of the polish was extremely changed as well-it wasn't chrome, but it wasn't "flat" either!
 Stay tuned tomorrow for the 2nd installment of the Mari Moon Matted!
You can buy Mari Moon from Llarowe!  Click HERE.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Water Marble with A England Guinevere.

Someone mentioned something a few weeks ago that really stuck with me. They said that a certain color of polish was their palette cleanser and I immediately related to that.  Grey cremes were my palette cleanser.   It was what I went to when I had had enough of the glitter and the holo.  I love grey creme! And then I met Guinevere.  My friend, Emily, swapped her with me, and I immediately fell in love. I have already posted about her and haven't even had her for a month yet!  She is a beautiful dusty grey lavender creme. It is just what I need when I have had an overdose of glitter!
Of course, the need for a palette cleanser doesn't last long.  Just ask anyone who eats sushi and uses the ginger in between bites.  I quickly decided that I needed to make Guinevere more interesting, so I water marbled her!  I used SH White, Zoya Kelly, and Guinevere on my first hand.
Water marbling is what got me into nail polish and blogging in the first place. I was looking for nail art and stumbled across My Simple Little Pleasures' YouTube videos on water marbling.  I watched her tutorials for HOURS.  I was so hooked! To check them out, click HERE.
Sometimes, I have too many ideas in my head for the same polishes, so I will do my other hand differently.  This time, I did my left hand with just Guinevere and white.
Thumbs are never in my pictures, but when it comes to water marbling, every nail is different! Here is my thumb. :o)
 And another close-up of two of my fingers... I am sad to say that this manicure lasted less than 24 hours. I went plumbing the next day for the first time in 3 years, and the polish all peeled off. I am glad o say though, that I didn't lose any nails!

 Do you have a palette cleanser? And if so, is it a type of polish or is it a color? What are your thoughts on water marbling?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fantasy Fire, Anyone?

All this fuss over Max Factor Fantasy Fire, and somehow I was in the right place at the right time.   My friend, Jo,  posted it for sale!  I swiped it out from under everyone and here it is to show you!  First of all, if you live under a rock, FF can only be found in the UK, and even there, it is under high demand!  You need a friend over there that can get it for you.
 For this manicure, I killed two birds with one stone, and layered Fantasy Fire over my new Zoya matte Dovima.  Dovima is a beautiful almost black matte.  It had good application, second only to ManGlaze!
I then layered one coat of Fantasy Fire over Dovima.  FF is said to be a dupe for Clarins 230, otherwise known as Unicorn Pee.  I have seen it selling for $100 on some sites.  
 I had just taken off my Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much to put this on, and at first I was like, meh.  And then I went out in the sun.
 I am just going to spam the heck out of you with pictures that you have probably already seen all over the blogosphere.  Fantasy Fire goes from orange to yellow to green to red. It is freaking spectacular!
 The bottle is super tiny, so out of respect for my FF, I am going to treasure this beauty for a very long time!
 Check out the pics and tell me what you think!

Lovely, isn't it?
Go check out Jo at Glitter, Glam, Sparkle, Shine!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Better Late Than Never Polish Haul!

I forgot to post a haul awhile ago, so some of these polishes have already been used in my posts!  As a matter of fact, in this first picture, I have already worn all of these!  I bought two of the China Glaze Magnetix at Sally's, swung over to CVS and bought Sinful Black, and got this awesome China Glaze GR8 from the OMG Collection from the wonderful Ashley of Ashley is Polish Addicted! You can see my sorry attempt at using the magnet and the China Glaze polishes HERE.  You can also see my posts about the beautiful China Glaze GR8 HERE and HERE!  I fooled around with nail art for that one!
I just made my first order of Dollish Polishes!  I held out for a long time, spending all of my money with Lacquistry and Nail-venturous; but when Dollish Polish busted out a picture of Spank You Very Much, I KNEW I had to have it!  It combines my two favorite colors-blue and purple!
 Here is a close-up of Spank You Very Much.  It is truly amazing!  I believe that it could make my top 5 polishes of 2012!  Click HERE to see yesterday's post of it!
 Next up is Dollish Polish Random Dancing.  I decided I wanted this one when I did the comparison post of three multi-glitters: Lynnderella's The Glittering Crowd, Lacquistry's A Friggin' Circus, and Sephora by OPI's Spark-tacular Top Coat.  I am sooo glad I bought this!  I can tell already that it will not look like any of the others!  Click HERE to see my post about the previously mentioned multi-glitters.
 I bought a mini-bottle of Bikini Bottom. I bought a mini because I am not too sure about coral on my skin tone. The shimmer in this is fantastic!  I can't wait to try this one!
 Next, I swapped with my friend, Emily, for A England Guinevere.   Perfect dusty grey lavender.
 Okay, so yesterday, I got my Buy 3 Get 3 Zoya's in the mail!   Can you say, "Michelle loves PURPLE?"  I chose five purples and one black matte!  Thanks to Sheila at Pointless Cafe for her amazing purple swatches that helped me decide which purples to buy!
 UP first is Zoya Dovima and Zoya Jem...
 Next is Zoya Tru and Zoya Neeka... Thanks to my friend, Marnie at Ambiance Shopfor letting me borrow her Zoya Tru!  I had to have it after that!
 Lastly, is Zoya Demi and Zoya Keiko. Yes, I know that to the untrained eye, they look the same, but they're NOT!  I PROMISE!  I REALLY DO!  I know you guys get it, so I'll stop yelling.
 And finally, some Hits Mari Moons that I have been lemming over on the Llarowe website for a very long time!  Well, ever since I bought Daring!  Here we have Artsy, Dreamer, and Unconventional.  I LOVE these duo chromes!
To buy Dollish Polish on Etsy, click HERE.  She is currently closed due to a huge volume of orders she is going through, but you can sign up for an email update as to when she reopens.
To "Like" Dollish Polish on Facebook, click HERE.
Clickety-click right HERE to buy A-England and Hits Mari Moon from Llarowe.  She also stocks many other international brands as well!
To buy Zoya, click HERE.