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Friday, December 20, 2013

Takko Lacquers: Electric Apple and I Love Rock and Roll

~Takko Lacquers~
One indie brand that I don't blog about enough is Takko Lacquers.  I LOVE the buttery application of Takko.  If they weren't so hard to get, I would have many more; but as it is, the few that I do have, I have gotten from swapping with a good friend.
The Electric Apple is a stone grey jelly-cream with golden yellow shimmer.  This is an ode to the concrete jungle of New York City.  Whenever someone does a nail polish in honor of that amazing city, I have to get it.  
I used two buttery coats and had no issues. This was my first Takko Lacquer and I am in love.  
In the shade, it looks more green as a base...
Check out that shimmer!  
I Love Rock and Roll is a blackened purple jelly.  It has micro glitter of purple and pink. I used two buttery coats and had to pick myself up off the floor after staring at it for so long. YUM.

Parting Thoughts: I don't have very many Takkos-maybe three.  But every single one is buttery and smooth. They all have a !WOW! factor to them as well!  I am not super happy about the price point, but if any polish is worth it, these would be the ones.

Price:  $13-$15

Instagram- @takkoLacquer
Twitter- @TakkoLacquer

*These products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own*

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nail Stamping with Vivid Lacquer Plates!

Tonight, I have a ton of nail stamping that has been sitting in the queue for awhile!  I used Vivid Lacquer stamping plates for all of them. You can find the link to buy each plate by clicking on the plate number. 

I used VL #002 with Milani black Swift over a Mod Lacquer polish.  This stamped easily and gave me no issues.
I used VL #008 for this fishnet look.  The lines stamped easily, but the inverted design, I needed to be careful with as the excess black leaked out into the line area.  I also wished the stamp had more lines intersecting.  I feel this was a little sparse.
I used SoFlaJo's new Limited Edition Christmas polishes for this manicure base.  For stamping, I used A England Excalibur to stamp with and VL #008 for the ornaments and the holly. I then dotted berries on the leaves.  I had no issues with either stamp.
I had a couple of older Cult Nails polishes sitting in my untrieds and I decided to stamp with them.  I used VL #021 and dotted on the pinkie nail.  Both stamps worked well, although I need to be more patient and make sure that I don't stamp crooked!  Cult Nails Faded did not stamp superbly, but I like the effect it gave. Same with My Kind of Cool-Aid. 
I found what may be another favorite stamp in the new VL stamping line!  From the VL #019 is this awesome-I don't even know what to call it!  It's like the outline of rainbows before they have their color!  Anyways, the base coat is Butter London Torch.
From VL #019 is a really nice scroll design.  I used a base coat of Cult Nails Love at First Sight.  I decided to use Colors by Llarowe Thriller for the stamping since they are so opaque.  I was thrilled to see that it worked!  I liked this design a lot, but wish the stamp were slightly smaller in design.

Parting Thoughts: I love the Vivid lacquer plates and find them all to be unique. 

Price: $8 each


Instagram- @vividlacquer

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Polish by KPT-Kelvin Bleu and Being in the Pink

~Polished by KPT~
Quite a few months ago, I was able to go to an event hosted by Kat from Polished by KPT.   The event was a lot of fun, and I left having purchased quite a few of her thermals.  Today, I have two to show you.

Being In The Pink is a scattered holo thermal.  Cold turns it pink and warmth turns it purple.   I used 2-3 coats for opacity and had no issues.  
Kelvin Bleu is another scattered holo thermal.  Cold turns it a very light blue gray and warmth turns it blue.  I used 2-3 coats for this as well and had no issues.  

Parting Thoughts: I call these triple threats-pretty color, color-changing, and holo!  These were my first thermals and I while I was a little surprised that the color on my nails wasn't what was in the bottle, I still loved the effects.

Price: $9-$12



*These products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own*

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Girly Bits enJOYmint and Fathomless

~Girly Bits enJOYment & Fathomless~
Pardon me for not blogging these past several months!  I have had many things going on in my life and blogging took a back seat.  Because of that, I have several different posts that have been sitting in my queue waiting to be written up!  Girly Bits enJOYmint and Fathomless are two of those!
enJOYmint is a Limited Edition polish that was made for little Talia, the young beauty blogger who recently passed away, and inspired many people in the community with her amazing spirit and tenacity.  Mint was the color of her last posted manicure...
I used two coats of enJOYmint and true to Girly Bits' quality, it was flawless.  I also used Vivid Lacquer stamping plate #014
Fathomless has been in my untrieds for ALMOST A YEAR!!!  My hand should be slapped for that.  It is a deep, deep green that looks like an endless swamp on my nails.  The name is just dead on.
It is a blackened green with green shimmer.  I used 2-3 coats and had flawless application.
Look at this.
Parting Thoughts: Has anyone ever tried a less than perfect Girly Bits?  Every last one I have tried has been flawless.  Girly Bits STILL sets the standards in indie polish!  

Price: $11.50-$12.50


*These products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own*

Monday, December 16, 2013

Contrary Polish Swatches

~Contrary Polish Swatches~
For the past few months, I have been slowly becoming infatuated with Contrary Polish.  I have done several swaps and have accumulated quite the collection of the older ones!  Tonight, I want to show you a few.  All applied with the amazing buttery application I have come to love in my favorite brands.  I used two coats for all.

Santorini is a gorgeous electric blue with blue shimmer. I had my eye on this one for a long time before I finally found someone willing to swap with me for it!  Every single Contrary Polish I have tried has a buttery smooth consistency.  This brand raises the standards when it comes to indie polish. 
In this macro shot, you can see the amazingly subtle shimmer. 
Play Me is a lavender polish with subtle green shimmer. I could not do this polish justice, but wanted to post a picture for you anyways.  
Feels Like Home is a taupe-purple.  It has copper glitters in it as well.

Better Together is a darkened teal that leans green.  It has a green and gold shimmer in it. 
I LOVE this one. A LOT.
In the macro shot, you can really see the shimmer!
Creeping Moss is a brown cream with shimmer. 

The Way I Am is a light green with pink shimmer. It applied really well, but did not work well with my skin tone.  
I still love greens with pink in them though!
Inky Fingers is my one of my favorites of the bunch!  It is a deep plum with a green shimmer running through it which I was not able to capture.  It is a true stunner. 

Parting Thoughts:  Every single Contrary Polish I tried on had buttery and consistent application.  I don't know what took me so long to try them, but I am all in.  I just need to remember that not all colors look good on my skin tone. :)  My two favorites are Santorini and Inky Fingers.

Price:  $5 mini  $11 full size 


*These products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own*

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate #010

~Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate #010~

I have become a huge fan of Vivid Lacquer's stamping plates.  Okay, maybe even a little obsessed.  I don't consider myself to be the greatest stamper, but her plates make it easy.
Today, I want to show you what I call the "camo plate," but you can find it in her Etsy shop under VL #010.

One of my favorite designs on this plate is the chevrons.  I used a base coat of a Milani Cream.  And then I topped it with Milani Black for the stripes.  The chevrons go on very well. I did have to make sure that it was lined up with my nail or it would look crooked.
On my other hand, I used a variety of the stamps on #010.  The leopard print, chevron, camo, and the argyle.  
I used the argyle in this manicure as well.  My one minor issue is that the skinnier lines in the stamp didn't always come out well. You can see that on my index finger.  Other than that, it is an amazing stamp for argyle!
The chevron is my favorite and one of the easiest to use, so I used it in this design as well. I stamped with A England Excalibur. It is great for stamping!
I love the leopard print too!  I used Sinful Colors black over this Indigo Bananas color!
Here is the other leopard print!  How cute are they?!
Aaahhhh, camo!  I have camo in my heart and to finally find not just a camo stamp, but a jumbo camo stamp was unreal!  You can see the variety of the camo I was able to put on this manicure. For a realistic look, I matted my nails.
The last stamp on the "camo plate" is what I call "water."  I stamped over Indigo Bananas Endless Nights with Colors by Llarowe Thriller.

Parting Thoughts: I loved this plate so much!  The designs are easy to use, even for a novice like me!

Price: $8 each


Instagram- @vividlacquer

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oopsie Daisies Swatches and Review

Today, I have some polishes from Oopsie Daisies!  Oopsie Daisies is a great indie brand who has been around for a long time-under the radar.  She consistently puts out great product and these new ones are no exception.

Night Owl is a glitter topper. It has white, copper, black and teal glitters in a clear base.
I chose to layer it over China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  It layered very well and all the glitters dispersed evenly and laid flat.  I wished there were a tad bit more teal glitters on my nail, but do like how they are just pops of color.

Here you can see the close up of the goodies in Night Owl!
Sea Nymph is a light lavender crelly with pastel glitters throughout.  
I used two coats and had no issues.  It layered well and the glitters came out evenly and dispersed well on my nails.
In this close up, you can see more of the colors of glitter used.
Mystic is a blackened jelly base with blue, red and gold glitters.  I did not use undies for this one. 
I used three coats and had no issues.  The polish layered well and the glitters came out evenly.  

My favorite part of this polish is the electric blue glitters!
Parting thoughts: Oopsie Daisies makes consistently great nail polish.  She knows how to make a good glitter polish, whether it be a topper, a crelly, a jelly, or a glitter bomb.  Don't miss out on this brand!

$8.50-$9 each

Edgy Polish


*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*