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Sunday, January 13, 2013

6 Harts Polish-Pt 3- Moon Shadow

This is the last of the 6 Harts duo chromes I will show you.   (Click to see 1ST POST and 2ND POST.)  This one is called Moon Shadow by 6 Harts Polish.  This photo is from my sneak peeks on Instagram.  (Follow me at thingsiloveatthemoment).
Moon Shadow does not have as obvious of a duo chrome as the other two, but it is there. It is mainly purple but flashes to dark blue almost violet.  It has a small amount of fine gold holographic and bronze glitter.
The glitter in this one are much more apparent than the other two!  I love how the purple and the gold/bronze play off of each other!
Moon Shadow applied just like the others-flawlessly and in one coat.

I love love love duo chromes and am so glad to have these!
BONUS: Macro shot!  How awesome is this?!
6 Harts Polish is available now for $8 each.  I do want to say that the shop is called 6 Harts Craft Company, but her polishes are 6 Harts Polishes.
*this polish was sent to me for an honest review*


Gottwinkies said...

Wow! Your macro really caught All the good stuff!

Maile said...

Gorgeous polished! Wonderful really captured the highlights of this TC!

Sarah said...

Wow, this polish is gorgeous! Great swatches!

Michelle Rouhier said...

Thanks everyone! I love shooting duo chromes! They're my favorite!

Colorsplashnails said...

This polish is beautiful!! I love your swatches, Michelle! =)