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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Butter London Teetotal and Lynnderella Thank Blue

I bought this Lynnderella such a long time ago.  I finally decided to use it in a gradient!  My base color is another untried of mine, Butter London Teetotal.  I used two coats of Butter London Teetotal and then I dabbed Lynnderella Thank Blue on my tips.

The aqua blue holo glitters are what drew me to this Lynnderella, and I am glad I bought it so very long ago!
Lynnderella polishes sell for upwards of $20 each and can be bought off of Amazon.  Butter London retails for $14 and can be bought numerous places, including,, and other different distributors.


Jenna Froggy said...

This combo is so pretty <3

Gottwinkies said...

That Butter London is awesome....especially with the Lynn. I have a few I bought through them, too!

Ashley Haddock said...

Love the combo of these two!

Michelle Rouhier said...

Thank you!