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Monday, January 7, 2013

Chirality Appollonia

Awhile ago, I had blogged about Chirality's Apollonia.  Mine wasn't very holo and so she sent me a new one.  Oh my gosh.  So this is what had everyone in a frenzy! Apollonia went on remarkably well. It was like putting on a Butter London-smooooooth and easy.  It was a one coater on most nails, but I did put two coats on a couple of bare spots.
This is a nice linear holo and topcoat does not diminish the holo at all!  I see why everyone went nuts buying all of her holo polishes.  The girl knows what she is doing.
 This is a true winner and gets a standing ovation from me!  Well done, Chirality!  Well done.
Chirality polishes retail for  $7. She often advertises sales on her Facebook page, so go give her a follow!


Heather @ I Feel Polished said...

Such a gorgeous polish! I LOVE holos!

nickeeschickee said...

i just ordered 4 of her holo polishes a week ago..can't wait to get em and try em!