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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dior Electric Blue and Sea Lore Snowy Seal Gradient-Sony Vs iPhone

Hello ladies!  I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I am going to show you what I wore for New Year's Eve and New Years Day!  I will also have comparison pictures from my Sony and my iPhone 5. (For those of you who missed it, I just got an iPhone and I wanted to see how the quality of pictures stood up to my Sony DSC-H10.)
For NYE, I wore something ELECTRIC!   Dior Electric Blue, that is!  I had been eyeing this polish for a long time, and I started noticing it disappearing from online vendors, and appearing on Ebay for $30+!!!  So, I took the quick route over to and bought it immediately!
These three pictures are taken with my iPhone outside in the shade.  I think they turned out pretty fantastic myself.  Dior Electric Blue is a Limited Edition polish and is stunning on.  I used two coats and the fantastic Dior brush that is rounded and flat on the end, makes application a breeze!
This manicure wore so well and I could not stop staring at my nails!  I absolutely love everything about Dior nail polish!  If I could afford them all, I would totally get them.
For NYD, I did a sponge gradient of Sea Lore's Snowy Seal.  My gradients obviously need some work to get the gradient  more subtle, but that should come with time and practice.   
Now, I thought about taking out this first picture.  My hands look very red!  But I want to be real, so I kit it.  This photo was taken with my iPhone in my lightbox. I couldn't tell that my hands were so red until I put the picture on my laptop!  I did used this one as a sneak peek on my Instagram. (You can follow me on Instagram @thingsiloveatthemoment for sneak peeks at manicures not yet posted to Facebook or my blog.)
The next four pictures are taken with my Sony, outdoors, in the shade.  The blue is more true to color in the above photos though.
I used an eye makeup sponge applicator and dabbed Snowy Seal (a chunky silver glitter) onto the sponge.  I then sponged and dragged the glitter on my nail. I started at the tip first and went toward the cuticle.  The reason for this is that the majority of the glitter would get on the tip and less towards the cuticle-just like a gradient should be!  I top coated with Seche Vite and DONE!
I loved the gradient of Snowy Seal with the vividness of Electric Blue!  The contrast seemed perfect for New Year's!
Here is one thing my iPhone can't do...Take closeup shots of my manicure. That is where the Sony wins hands down!
You can still get this LE Dior Electric Blue via
To buy Sea Lore, click HERE.
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Samantha Ann said...

These look fantastic. That blue is just
gorgeous! I love the sponged on glitter gradient.

The Silverinator said...

LOVE this blue, with and without the gradient. My fav pics are with the iPhone outside in the shade!

Ashley Haddock said...

That blue looks amazing on you!! I love this mani! ♥

Ashley Haddock said...

That blue looks amazing on you!! I love this mani! ♥

Maile said... can't go wrong with a DIOR and LORE (love it Jaime) Snowy Seal..what an awesome combo and mani!!!! Love it Michelle!

becky smith said...

Stunning colour x

I Feel Polished said...

I love that blue! It's so gorgeous!

Jenn said...

Shelle I'ma try this today. Think I'll look in Tori's Kaboodle for a blue -I'm sure she has one- and I might have to use a couple glitters to get the gradient and glitter look... but I'ma try!