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Friday, January 18, 2013

Laquerlicous Kiss-A-Bull and Hug-A-Bull-Charity Polishes!

Raise your hand if you love dogs!  Today, I have two very special polishes from Laquerlicious called Kiss-A-Bull and Hug-A-Bull.  Here is what Michelle from Laquerlicious has to say about them...

Polish for Pit Bulls

I created 2 polishes (Hug-A-Bull & Kiss-A-Bull) in honor of Fresno Bully Rescue. This is for a fabulous cause, so buy buy buy!!

They are $15 each. $10 per bottle goes to FBR. The $5 that goes to me covers my supplies 
and shipping materials. I will be making monthly donations to FBR on the polish that has sold for that month. I will post monthly tallies and provide pictures of the donations submitted via PayPal through my Instagram. Follow me for more info @creativenailchick

Fresno Bully Rescue is located in Fresno, California. They are a nonprofit organization that rescues pit bulls (bullies) and pit bull like breeds. They have done SO much for this breed but sadly, they replace the ones they adopt out 2 to 1. Help control the pet overpopulation! They are being euthanized in huge numbers because there just aren’t enough homes for all the ones being born. Be a responsible pet owner. Spay and neuter!
If you are in the Fresno, California Area and are interested in saving a bullies life, please visit their website – A bully will thank you!

As most of you know, I am a huge pit bull fan and have an amazing pit bull mix of my own. She is going on 11 years old.  We rescued her from an organization just like this.  Please, donate to this very important cause!
Now, onto the polish!  First of all, here is a macro shot taken with my olloclip on my iPhone.  This is Kiss-A-Bull over Jindie Nails Blue, Blue Xmas.
 I layered one coat of Kiss-A-Bull over Jindie Nails Blue, Blue Xmas, a blue holo polish.  Kiss-A-Bull has micro-sized glitters of all shapes including shards!  The shards are tiny and will easily cover up with one coat of top coat!
 I had no issues with Kiss-A-Bull. It is micro-sized glitters in a sheer base, and it will need a base color to be layered over.
 The majority of the colors are electric blue, but there is also some purple, green, and aqua in there as well, which I love!

 And here is Hug-A-Bull over Milani Violet Dash in extreme macro!
Hug-A-Bull is also a micro glitter in a clear base. What you see is one coat of Hug-A-Bull over Milani Violet Dash.  
 Like Kiss-A-Bull, I had no issues with application. It went on smoothly and covered my nail evenly! I only needed one coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out.  This glitter is mostly purple micro glitter but also has some pink, silver and blue as you will see in the macro.
Here are bottle shots of the minis that Lacquerlicious sent me for review. You can see for yourself what they look like in the bottle.  
Please, support a cause that is near and dear to my heart! Go buy one or both polishes. $10 of the proceeds will go to help out those precious dogs.

LIKE Laquerlicious' Facebook page for updates and bottle shots!
To be honest, she's pretty big on Instagram!  Go check her out (at)CreativeNailChick.
*these polishes were sent for an honest review*


Heather @ I Feel Polished said...

Ohmigosh, these are so pretty! And for such a great cause! I just love my bully! :)

Colorsplashnails said...

Wow~these are both simply gorgeous polishes, Michelle!! =)