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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Liquidus Nail Gloss Pyrite-Sony vs iPhone

I have an indie brand today that seems to be flying under the radar. Liquidus Nail Gloss may only have five polishes in her shop, but I have tried four of them and they are all well-made! One even made my November 2012 Monthly favorites! There is something to be said for quality versus quantity.  Liquidus Nail Gloss is huge on eco-freindly wrapping and my polishes came wrapped in reusable wrappers, even down to the outer shipping envelope being 100% biodegradable and having extra adhesive for one reuse!
Danielle, the creator behind Liquidus Nail Gloss, hails from the foothills of the smoky mountains of Tennesee, and you can see the inspiration in her polishes.  Check out my other posts of her polishes HERE.
Today, I am gong to show you Pyrite.  This gorgeous metallic polish went on easily in two coats. It was  thin but did not pool at all.  It covered quite well in two coats!  It is a gorgeous blackened bronze with olive green shimmer.
taken with my iPhone 5
The bottles are adorable as well, and I love them because they are different-square with rounded edges.
taken with Sony DSC-H10
I absolutely love this color of green, and I know several women who would love it as well!  Go check out Liquidus Nail Gloss on Etsy and show her some love.
taken with Sony DSC-H10
Full Size bottles are .5 oz and retail for $9. Minis .25 oz and retail for $6.
By the way, I think it's a tie for which camera took the better picture here!
*this polish was sent to me for an honest review*

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