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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maya Cosmetics LIMITED EDITION-Flyin' Solo

 I still have several Maya Cosmetics polishes to show you, so I figured I better get on that!  Today's polish is Limited Edition and made especially for Valentine's Day.  Kind of.  Are chocolate candies and stuffed teddy bears not your thing on Valentine's Day?  Getting tired of hearing about everyone else's Valentine's Day plans?   If that's you then you will love Flyin' Solo!
Kat from Maya Cosmetics decided a little twist was in order for those who are going at it alone this year.  Flyin' Solo is a clear base with black shards, small silver hexes, electric blue holo glitter, and black and red hearts.  The red hearts, if you haven't already noticed, are holo!
 I layered one generous coat on my nails over Maya Cosmetics Last Call, and did have to do some fishing for the hearts, although two of the seven on this hand came out on their own.
Everything else about the polish was flawless. The glitter layered evenly and smoothly. I love how the red hearts and silver glitter pop off of it. I also love how it showcases the blue!  I also used Maya Cosmetics glitter top coat and a coat of Seche Vite.
Flyin' Solo retails for $8 in  her shop, but her prices will be increasing to $9.50 starting in February.  Get them while they are $8!
You can Like Maya Cosmetics on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter!  
You can also read her blog for more in depth information on the polishes and to see her own swatches of her polishes!

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Gottwinkies said...

I love the name, and the polishis amazing, too!