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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maya Cosmetics' Sugar Rush and Grayscale Swatch and Review

WARNING: You are about to be spammed with a lot of pictures!
Today will be the first of several posts about Maya Cosmetics' new polishes that just launched in her shop today!  I am beside myself to show them all to you, so let's get right to it!  
First up, I have Sugar Rush, a gorgeous light and dark pink matte glitter with a some white micro glitter in it as well. I layered it over a light gray polish (think Zoya Dove equivalent.)  

I only used one coat, because it covered so well. It is a very feminine and sweet polish. I think this would be wonderful for Valentine's Day!  I didn't think I would like it, because I am not a fan of light pink, but it won my heart!
It is a hungry glitter, so I used a coat of Maya's wonderful glitter tamer that is sadly being discontinued, and a coat of Seche Vite.
The first thing I thought when I saw this polish is, "It HAS to be matted!"  I threw Butter London's matte top coat over this and WOW! Check this out...
Here's a close up of Sugar Rush.  I can think of all sorts of cool manicures I can do with this. Application was flawless and I think all you romantics need this for Valentine's Day!
Next, I have the black and white equivalent of Sugar Rush. This is called Grayscale.  It is exactly like Sugar Rush, except black and white!  I layered this one over a light gray also. I only used one coat and it went on exactly the same as Sugar Rush-flawlessly and easily.
So, I brought all of my Maya's over to my mom's house on my way home the day I got these, and my mom could NOT take her hands off this one!  She kept exclaiming over it, and finally I put it over her existing manicure to calm her down!  I think many of you will fall in love with this one!  I know one particular blogger who LOVES black and whites. :)
Of course, I matted this one as well, and I love how it looks like concrete!
These are both winners in my book, and it makes me wonder how we will all keep our pocketbooks safe with Kat making such amazing polishes!
She opened her shop today at 1pm EST, so you can go grab these now if you'd like!  The polishes retail for $8 each, but her prices will be increasing to $9.50 starting in February.  So, get them while they are $8!
You can Like Maya Cosmetics on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter!
You can also read her blog for more in depth information on the polishes and to see her own swatches of her polishes!


Sylvia Lazo said...

Aaaaaaahhhh the sheer beauty of it all! Stunning absolutely stunning!

Heather @ I Feel Polished said...

Sugar Rush is so pretty! Such lovely swatches!

Gottwinkies said...

I love the pink one especially mattified!

Michelle Rouhier said...

I love them both, but Sugar Rush was a big surprise! It is amazing!