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Friday, January 11, 2013

Maya Cosmetics Surly and It's Not Easy

 I have more Maya Cosmetics polishes to show you!  Today, I have what could be my favorite one of the whole collection!  This is called Surly.  Surly is a smoky gray with purple shimmer. The gorgeous flecks in this polish are astounding! 
taken with Sony
I used two coats for this manicure, but it was very close to a one coater. The first coat was very rich in color and it went on even smoother than any of her other shimmers I have owned.
taken with my iPhone 5
Someone asked me if the purple really shows at arms length or if it is just in my pictures.  The answer is both.  The purple is not shy. I could see it in my crappy living room lighting and I could see it at work in my building.  There were also times when it looked gray and I couldn't see the purple.  It looked amazing either way.
taken with my iPhone 5
I included some of my iPhone photos that I had posted to my Instagram account (@thingsiloveatthemoment).  This polish was hard for me to capture, especially on the cloudy days when I wore it. My iPhone had the better pictures this time around and I wanted to show you Surly in all its glory!  This macro was taken with my iPhone and an Olloclip on macro.  Surly is certainly in the running for January Favorites thus far!
taken with iPhone 5 and Olloclip
Next up, is a polish that is the complete opposite of Surly in every way!  It's Not Easy is a grass green jelly polish with green and gold glitters in it. There is also a gold shimmer in there as well which you will see in my macro shot!
It's Not Easy went on very easily in three coats. It layers well and I got a decent amount of glitters. What you see on my nails is the amount that came out on the brush in three coats.
I only needed one top coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out!  It is not a hungry glitter at all!  Check out this gold shimmer that came out in my macro.
Maya Cosmetics opened her shop yesterday, so you can go grab these now!  The polishes retail for $8 each, but her prices will be increasing to $9.50 starting in February.  Get them while they are $8!
You can Like Maya Cosmetics on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter! 
You can also read her blog for more in depth information on the polishes and to see her own swatches of her polishes!


Maile said...

I love both colors..but I'm sooo into Surly...Maya really knows how to do grays! Your nails look GREAT! Wonderful SWATCHES <3 <3

Gottwinkies said...

*whispers* holy crap...stunning....Can't wait to see my polishes on your pretty nails!

Colorsplashnails said...

Wow!!I am really starting to fall for Maya polishes and I don't own any...yet. Surly is flipping gorgeous and it looks fantastic on you. =)

May Belater said...

Delicious! Jelly glitter, is there anything finer?

Chantel said...

Gorgeous nail polishes!

Michelle Rouhier said...

Thank you all! This is my favorite Maya so far! Although I love every last one of hers, they are all spectacular!