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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Starry Earth Valentine's Day Collection!

Hi everyone!  I am back with some Valentine's Day polishes for you from Starry Earth!  These just came out in her shop and are available NOW!
 First, I have Pinkiemania, a pink jelly with an assortment of pink glitters and some smaller silver as well.
 I used three coats of Pinkiemania and it covered my nails well. I had virtually no nail line shooing unless I flashed them in the sun.  The glitters laid down well and spread out evenly.  The base was not too thick and wore very well.
 This is a pretty pink for Valentine's Day.
 Macro shot!
 Some women just aren't into Valentine's Day and I love that some indie brands are coming out with an anti-Valentine's Day polish!  Starry Earth's version is called Black Like My Soul.  LOVE the name!
Black Like My Soul is the perfect name for this anti V-Day polish.  I must admit that Valentine's Day is made more for the woman than it is the man. Everything in the stores is pink and red and flowery and romantic.  I have always had an issue trying to find something  ANYTHING for my husband on Valentine's Day that is remotely manly that he would love.  Personally, it gets tiring having to be all flowery and gushy that one day a year. :)
 Black Like My Soul is a black based jelly with micro holo glitters in it. The base is still sheer though and so I layered it over black on all but my pinkie.  I didn't think it would build up on its own, but I was wrong!  I have three smooth coats on my pinkie without a base coat.  The glitters layered nicely and spread evenly! I love the depth you get when you layer it on its own.
 Here is a blurry shot of the holo that we all love in the sun!
 And here is the macro shot!
You can buy these polishes now at Starry Earth for $8 each.  Visit her shop HERE!
You can also like her Facebook page!
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*these polishes were sent for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

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