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Friday, January 4, 2013

Takko Lacquers Kaleidescope Eyes-Sony vs iPhone

Today, I am excited to show you my first Takko Lacquers!  This indie polish brand has been around awhile, and I have actually had this polish sitting in my untrieds for awhile as well!  This is called Kaleidoscope Eyes.  
I have also shot photos with my Sony DSC-H10 and my iPhone 5.  FYI and NPR:  I am a little obsessive when it comes to researching something that interests me.  I don't know if you all are interested in my Sony vs iPhone shots, but I can't seem to stop. :o)  I have a handful more posts with comparison shots; but after that, I will mainly use my iPhone to shoot my manicures for my Instagram account and my Sony for my blog and Facebook!  
Kaleidoscope Eyes went on very smoothly and covered well in two coats.  It is not only a holo, but a duo chrome as well!  It goes from a gray-green to a lavender.  (You will see that a lot better in later pics.)  The holo in it is also spectacular, and like all holos, only comes out in the sun.
taken with Sony
Here is a close up of my nails taken with my Sony. (Something I can't quite get down as well with my iPhone.)  You can see the holo goodness very well here!
taken with Sony
This next photo gives you a clearer idea of what the polish looks like the majority of the time. You can clearly see the duo chrome in this picture. It is a lovely shade of lavender and green.
taken with iPhone 5
Kaleidoscope Eyes has multiple personalities it seems!  Every picture looks different!  These next photos are taken in the dusk of the day. The majority of the day, your nails will not look this dark. But when the sun is going down, hold those babies up!
Taken with iPhone 5
I can't believe this is my first and only Takko Lacquers polish!  I remember always looking on her Etsy shop and not buying because of the price. Well, they are well worth the $15 price tag, but now my issue is trying to beat everyone else to them!  I can't wait to get my hands on more!
You can buy straight from Takko Lacquers on Etsy HERE.  She is also sold on Mei Mei's Signatures.
Check Takko Lacquer's blog HERE.


Lacey {Lace and Lacquers} said...

STUNNING! Reminds me of the discontinued Ozotics!

Erinn Johns said...

Beautiful. Did you have on undies for this manicure?

Maile said...

What a beautiful scattered holo! Just gorgeous..You done good girl!