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Monday, January 28, 2013

When Indie Brands Collide-Maya Cosmetics and Jindie Nails

You may wonder at the title of the post, "When Indie Brands Collide."  I have been tinkering around with an idea for awhile now that has actually been done by many bloggers, almost daily.  I want to combine a couple of indie brands together to form a beautiful manicure.  I do it all the time as do many of my blogger friends and I am sure many of you do it as well.  Since it is done so often, I thought I would do a special post on my blog whenever I came up with a truly beautiful creation that included at least two different indie brands.  Hence, the title.  In conjunction with these posts, I want you to post YOUR manicures on my Facebook wall that include two of your favorite indie brands and title it "When Indie Brands Collide" and then the names of the two brands.  I will then reshare them on my wall.

For my premiere post, I have two of my favorite new brands from 2012-Maya Cosmetics and Jindie Nails.
You may remember a few days ago, I did a gradient with Maya Cosmetics Like a Boss and Graceless Lady.  The next day, to refreshen my manicure, I layered Jindie Nails Pretty Penny over it.
One coat of Pretty Penny is what you see on my nails.  It is a mix of round copper, gold and rose glittes and well as a smattering of small hexes.  Of course, I didn't stop there; I had to matte it too.
You may read more about Maya Cosmetics and her amazingly versatile polishes by clicking on the link to her name on the right of my blog. I have reviewed all of her polishes to date and they have been outstanding.  The two I am wearing in these photos are both scattered subtle holos.
Jindie Nails is an amazing indie brand. I have yet to find a polish made by her that I don't like!  Even this polish made me fall in love with it, and I thought I wasn't a fan of this color combination.  Jindie Nails has a talent that I don't see anywhere else in the indie world.
I think that the collision of Maya and Jindie turned into a match made in heaven.  What do you think?

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You can also read her blog for more in depth information on the polishes and to see her own swatches.


polishfox said...

What a cool idea, and gorgeous swatches! This came out really well!

Ashley Haddock said...

Great mani! Pretty Penny is so, well.... pretty! Hehehe

Jenna Froggy said...

Love this <3 Gorgeousness all the way around :D

feedkmayeorchids said...

Beautiful combo!!