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Saturday, February 16, 2013

6 Harts Polish Summer Skies and Cloud Sculptures

6 Harts Polish came out with a gorgeous blue shimmer that I get to show you today!  This is called Summer Skies, and I think it is obvious WHY it is named that.  Summer Skies has a stunning blue shimmer that I had a hard time capturing, but did finally get!  Summer Skies was opaque in three coats.  While the formula was a bit streaky, it does level out and become uniform by the third coat.
Look at the shimmer!
Extreme close up!
6 Harts Polish also came up with a glitter topper named Cloud Sculptures.  I can see the inspiration for the polish in the glitter selection with the shards, and hexes and silver bars.
I did have a hard time getting the glitter to stick to the base coat, but with two coats, I had enough on my nails.  You can see the surprise holo shimmer in this blurred out photo.
Here is the close up.
Extreme Close up!

6 Harts Polish is available now for $8 each.  I do want to say that the shop is called 6 Harts Craft Company, but her polishes are 6 Harts Polishes.
*these polishes were sent to me for an honest review*

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Gottwinkies said...

These look amazing on you...great mani!