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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Elevation Polish-Grote et Cascade and Marble Caves

I am super excited to show you my swatches tonight because they are Elevation Polishes!  I recently jumped hard core onto the Elevation fan club bandwagon and I am ALL IN.  Today, I have a new one from last month's restock called Grote et Cascade.  First, let me say, that my pictures do not capture completely the subtle lavender and blue shimmer that is in it.
Grote et Cascade
I used two to three coats of Grote et Cascade.  The formula is on the thinner side of what I am used to working with, but it still went on smoothly.
Elevation Poliish
The base is a mulberry brown cream and there is a very subtle lavender and blue shimmer.  It is just rich in color.
Elevation Polish
The macro shot shows the color much better!
grote et Cascade
I am awed by the creativity and SOUL that is put into these polishes and I need so many more!
Elevation Polish
I was blessed to have won an Elevation Polish from a fellow Elevation lover-Mariah!  I won Marble Caves and was super excited to try it out!
Elevation Polish
The base is a lavender jelly and there are iridescent holo in it!  I only needed two coats for opacity and it went on flawlessly and covered my nails evenly.  Thank you again, Mariah!
Marble Caves
Macro shot!
Elevation Polish

Most Elevation Polishes retail for $8 each.
You can follow her blog for more information at I Dig Brown Nail Polish.
Restocks happen on the 7th and 22nd of each month.

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