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Friday, February 8, 2013

Elevation Polish-Pic De Subenuix and Catch A Wave

Remember a few days ago when I showed you my first Elevation Polish, Pic De Subenuix?  Today, i have my second Elevation Polish that I bought at the same time as that one-Catch a Wave.  I layered Catch a Wave over Pic De Subenuix, and I have to say, that I fell in love with this manicure!  This manicure is the reason I love polish!  It made me realize that while there are good indie brands and great indie brands, there are also indie brands that are in a class all by themselves. So far, Elevation Polish is proving that to me in spades.
I layered one coat of Catch A Wave over Pic De Subenuix.  ONE COAT.  The circle glitters came out easily and spread well. I had no issues as far as application and was actually very impressed with the ease of use.
As you can see, Catch a Wave is a mixture of large and medium round glitters in varying shades of aqua, blue and white.  There are also some smaller hex glitters.  Describing what is in polish is not my strong suite, so here is Lulu's description:
Slightly tinted blue base, 5 kinds of circle glitter (white, teal & blue), Iridescent hexes, micro holographic glitter in teal and green.
I used one coat of top coat to cover it up and it was smooth to the touch.
Check out this macro shot!  The circles are amazing!
Are you in love yet?  I know I am.

Most Elevation Polishes retail for $8 each.
You can follow her blog for more information at I Dig Brown Nail Polish.
Restocks happen on the 7th and 22nd of each month.

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