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Monday, February 11, 2013

FNUG Psychedelic

I could have shown you thirty pictures of this polish, but really it would have been a whole lot of the same thing!  So, I narrowed it down to two.  I was able to swap and got this terrific FNUG Psychedelic in the process!  Did you know that FNUG is an indie brand that makes her polishes in a lab like Cult Nails and A England?  I had shared my photo of this mani on IG and the owner, Charlotte, commented on my pic!  I was shocked and thrilled!
FNUG is made by Charlotte Fnug Munksgaard and is inspired by Scandinavian fashion.  While you can buy from her website, it is much more economical to buy from Ninja Polish or any other online etailers.
Psychedelic went on in two-three coats.  It was streaky and had bad dragging, but I think that is normal with extreme holos like this.  I also found that a top coat diminished the effect.  This manicure barely lasted a day without top coat, but it was worth it.  (I had tip wear and scratches across the top of my manicure by noontime.)
FNUG's retail on their own website for $20 each.
You can buy them from from Ninja Polish for $14.50.

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Becky said...

This polish is so beautiful! I got it recently from Ninja Polish and I just can't wait to wear it - waiting for the perfect sunny day where I have enough time in the morning to do my nails, to try and stave off inevitable holo chipping :)