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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hare Bisbee and A Positive

I got two Hare polishes in a swap awhile ago.  I have seen and admired them from afar, but had not gotten any for some strange reason!
First up, is Bisbee.  Bisbee is an aqua sheer base with gold glitters of varying sizes in it.  I used two coats and noticed the larger glitters got somewhat hung up on each other.  You can spread them once on the nail though.  
It doesn't come out super easily in the nail, but by the second coat, you have plenty of glitter and can not tell!  There was some visible VNL, so I suggest using a base coat. I would have put a third coat, but I think there would have been way too much glitter.
Macro shot:
Hare A Positive is a blood red with silver glitters in varying sizes. I love the look of the silver against the red.   I had the same issues with A Positive that I did with Bisbee, some minor clumping of the larger glitters and necessary manipulating of the glitters.
Hare A+
VNL isn't nearly as evident with the darker blood red!
You can buy Hare polishes from Llarowe.
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