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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Indigo Bananas-Klein Trink Wasser

Have you been following my posts about Indigo Bananas?  This is an indie brand that is truly on the cutting edge of something unique.  I have had the pleasure of reviewing three of her polishes, and I certainly have all of her duochromes on my wish list as well!
Tonight, I bring you a show stopping creme-Klein Trink Wasser.  Klein Trink Wasser is a vivid, almost neon blue cream that was opaque in two coats.  It dries almost rubbery, but for this top photo, I used a coat of Seche Vite.
Klein Trink Wasser had a good consistency and I had zero issues with it!
When you purchase a full sized bottle of Indigo Bananas polish, you will receive this awesome laser cut   ring with the Indigo Bananas logo on it.  What a great extra!
Macro shot of Klein Trink Wasser.
Bottle shot!  Andrea, from Indigo Bananas, says that a ring seemed to make sense as it fits perfectly over the cap!
Here are all three polishes I reviewed this week!  Telephasic Workshop, Klein Trink Wasser, and Halcyon.  (Click the link for my review.)
Go check out her shop!  She also has some glitters and duochromes in there as well!
Full sized bottles retail for $10 each and minis for $4.50.
Click HERE to visit Indigo Bananas.
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*this polish was sent to me for my honest review*

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TheSparklingHoard said...

I'm so excited to see my friend's polish on your blog! I don't have any of the three you reviewed, but I just tried out Rez and loved it. So proud of her!