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Monday, February 18, 2013

Jindie Nails-Guns N Roses and Put a Ring On It.

Tonight I have some old Jindie Nails sleeper hits to show you!  I bought these at the end of last year, and they had been sitting in my pile of untrieds for awhile now.  
First, I have Put a Ring On It.  When I first got this one, I thought I had made a mistake in buying it. I generally do not like lighter colors like this on my skin tone.  When I put it on, I realized it was a gray base!  
I used three coats for opacity and it went on smoothly and layered well.  I had no issues getting glitter out, and the glitter spread out well and evenly.  I might have wished for more diamonds though.
I love the mix of smoky purple glitters with white and black glitters in a light gray base.  I love how unique and creative Jindie Nails is!
Guns N Roses had been on my watch list for a long time before I finally broke down and bought it.  It just screams my name, and I am surprised that this isn't a bigger hit.  It is a charcoal gray base with fuchsia hex glitters in it.  Charcoal gray and hot pink....PERFECT.
Many years ago, I had found a hot rod in a magazine that I wanted SO BAD.  It was gunmetal gray on the outside and hot fuchsia pink on the inside.  It just screamed tough on the outside, but girly on the inside-just like me.  Guns N Roses is just like that!  I used two coats for opacity and had no issues with getting any glitter out.  It spread evenly and the base had great consistency.
Here is a closeup of what you're missing out on. :)
I mean seriously, why don't you have this yet?  If there is one thing I've learned, it's that  Jindie Nails doesn't make bad polishes!

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