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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kill Bill Collection from Ruby White Tips-PIC HEAVY!

Hello!  I am super excited about tonight's post!  Not only do I get to show you a new-to-me indie brand, but they are also duo chromes!  And not only are they duo chromes, but they are based off of movies that I LOVE!  Let me introduce you to Ruby White Tips' Kill Bill Collection!
I love movies, and nothing makes me happier than watching cult classics over and over again!  I have probably watched the Kill Bill movies a couple dozen times!  I know I have my dad to thank since he introduced me to ninja and martial arts movies when I was little!
Here is a quick and dirty swatch of the four polishes over black.  There are four in this collection: Crazy 88, P Wagon, B.B. Kiddo, and The Sword.
All four of these polishes had the same application and all are shown over black.  So let's get that out of the way so I don't sound redundant in my post. :)  The polishes were slightly thicker than most duo chromes, about the same consistency of a glitter polish.  It did not interfere whatsoever with application and I only needed one coat for all of them. They were actually quite wonderful to work with!
The Sword.  If you have watched ANY of the Kill Bill movies, then you know that The Sword used by The Bride (Black Mamba) is forged in Okinawa by a legendary swordsmith who has sworn never to forge another sword again.
The Sword is a beautiful subtle duo chrome/scattered holo in a silvery lavender base.   I layered it over black and you can see in the photos the green/purple shift.  The clincher to this polish is the scattered holo that just flashes in the sun.
The Sword is stunning and I had the hardest time getting it to cooperate with me.  I did manage to capture the duochrome and the holo!
If you like this style of polish, then you need The Sword!
Macro Shot of The Sword:
Beatrix Kiddo is the main character played by Uma Thurman and also know as The Bride aka Black Mamba aka B.B. Kiddo.  As the star of the show, B.B. Kiddo has to outshine the rest, and outshine it does!  B.B. Kiddo is a purple/blue glass flecked duochrome and also my favorite of the collection!
I could not stop staring at it all day long.
The duochrome shows itself anywhere-sun, shade, artificial lighting...
Macro shot of B.B. Kiddo:

P Wagon is a "G" rated version of its real name.  In the film, Uma Thurman drives a truck that says "P**** Wagon" on the tailgate.   Leave it to Quentin Tarantino...
P Wagon is a shockingly beautiful pink/red that somehow glows from within.  Ironic? Maybe.
I did not see any duochrome until later in the day and at an extreme angle.  I didn't care though, as it was so striking on its own.
When I did see the duochrome, this is what I saw!  It seems to go to an olive/brown color?!  I LOVE this one.
Macro Shot of P Wagon:
Crazy 88 is named after O'Ren's special squad who are masked and mainly use katanas to fight.  Crazy 88, the polish, is a purple/blue duo chrome, that is subtle in the sun, but really shows through in artificial light and shade.
It is breathtaking.
In the sun, it is normally this gorgeous blue.
Macro shot of Crazy 88:
Thus ends my review of the Kill Bill Collection from Ruby White Tips.  I loved this collection and think these are sure keepers!
To buy from Ruby White Tips, Click HERE.  Her polishes range from $7.50-$8.25.  She has others that I certainly want to get as well!  Use FACEBOOK code at checkout for 15% off!
Like her Facebook page for pictures and updates!
*these polishes were sent for my honest review. All opinions are my own*


Pampered With Polish said...

p-wagon is sooooo gorgeous!

American in Holland said...

The Kill Bill collection was one of my better ideas when talking to Laura one night. And it all started with the Pussy Wagon. lol