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Saturday, February 23, 2013

MIlani High Speed Fast Dry Polish-New Collection swatch and review!

Today, I am veering away from my norm, and bringing you two collections from Milani Cosmetics!  This morning, I will show you the new High Speed Fast Dry Collection.  This afternoon, I will show you the Texture Collection.  If you follow me on Instagram (at)ThingsILoveAtTheMoment, you would have seen this sneak peek already, along with shots of all six polishes!
The new High Speed Fast Dry Collection consists of four creams and two pearlescent/shimmery finishes.
Before I get into each color, they all had some of the same qualities, so let me share those with you.
  • All have a new wide, flat brush. One brush covered 3-4 nails!  It helped give me a clean edge.
  • I used two coats for all six of them.
  • All had smooth application, and dry time was excellent for the creams.  
  • There is no top coat for any of the pictures.

Instant Pearl is one of the non-creams. It is pearl white, just like the name suggests.  It goes on streaky and dries with obvious brushstrokes. I noticed the dry time was not as quick as the creams, but still fairly fast drying.
Milani High Speed Fast Dry

Milani High Speed Fast Dry
Pink Express is a nice cream soft pink.  Application was flawless on this one and it dried quickly!  The wide, flat brush makes for clean lines around the nail bed.
Milani High Speed Fast Dry

Milani High Speed Fast Dry
Move On Mauve looks like a flash from the past decades.  It is a shimmer and the dry time was not as fast as the cream polishes.  Application was flawless though.
Milani High Speed Fast Dry

Milani High Speed Fast Dry
Flaming Race is a red-leaning orange cream.  I love the in-your-face color and the glassy look of the polish!
Milani High Speed Fast Dry

Milani High Speed Fast Dry
Quick Teal is a straight-up teal cream.  Like the other creams, it applied flawlessly and dried quickly!
Milani High Speed Fast Dry

Milani High Speed Fast Dry
Rapid Orchid is for the vampy polish lovers!  From arms length, it comes across black, but any nail polish aficionado will be able to see the blackened plum around the edges.  This cream polish was a bit finicky. It was thinner than the others, so care needs to be taken not to let flooding of the cuticles happen.
Milani High Speed Fast Dry

Milani Rapid Orchid
My favorites were Quick Teal, Flaming Race, and Rapid Orchid.
Milani polishes are sold throughout the USA, both online and in stores.   My local CVS and Walgreens already had these.  They retail for around $4.49 each.
Visit Milani Cosmetics for more information.
Like Milani's Facebook page to stay updated on all of their offerings!
*these products were sent for my honest review*


Demi's Nails said...

I love your swatches! The Quick Teal and Rapid Orchid are pretty. :D

Jin Jit said...

Awesome review!! Thank you!!!
My favorites are Quick Teal and Move On Mauve but I think I will need to have Pink Express and Rapid Orchid in my stash soon too!

Jennifer Tesauro said...

Wow! You are big time now!! Thee are fantastic swatches. My favorite is Quick pretty on you!

Aleta Colucci said...

Gorgeous swatches!

Michelle Rouhier said...

Thank you all!

Cosmetic Sanctuary said...

Oh wow! I loved their last set of Fast Dries, but these are just GORGEOUS!

Maile said...

Fantastic swatches!

Gottwinkies said...

Ok....I might need some of these....same ones that you like!