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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mod Lacquer-Lightning Lime

I found an amazing new indie brand as I was perusing Etsy a couple of weeks ago!  Mod Lacquer jumped out at me (along with Indigo Bananas) when I added 24 new indie shops to my indie page.  She has shimmers to die for! She also has duochromes that stand alone without undies!  I was quite simply, intrigued.  Here's what Mod Lacquer says in her "About Me" section of her store:
Nail polish has been an obsession of mine for most of my life. I'm always searching for the most beautiful and unique colors, and that is what I focus on creating for my store.
Today, I have Lightning Lime from Mod Lacquer's shop.  
Lightning Lime is a dark green on the much darker side of lime.  I have to say that this polish stunned me. It was ALMOST a one coater!  The polish has a buttery formula and is very pigmented.  It glided onto my nails!  I was pretty shocked at the quality of this gorgeous gold shimmer!  Oh ya, the shimmer!  There is a very obvious lime shimmer in Lightning Lime!  You don't have to look for it. You don't have to put a macro lens on it to see it. It is in your face.  AND the icing on the cake?  It dried before I could even get the Seche Vite on it!  Lightning Lime has lightning fast dry time!
You may not need a macro lens to see the shimmer, but I can show you anyways!
Bottle shot!  The labels are only on the bottom.  The bottles are a cute shape-square with rounded sides.
I naively thought that Mod Lacquer Lightning Lime might be a dupe of Cult Nails Get Over It.  I was totally wrong!  Deal With It is much closer to lime in color, and makes Lightning Lime look darker.  The shimmer is more apparent in Lightning Lime by a fraction.  Lightning Lime took just over one coat, and Cult Nails took four.  Mod Lacquer may be the new kid on the block, but it is the real winner here!
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You can buy from her Etsy shop HERE.  Mod Lacquer's polishes retail for $9.50

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