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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My First Experience with Elevation Polish-Pic De Subenuix

Elevation Polish.  How many fans are out there?  I am going to be honest-I knew she existed, but my brain was wrapped around so many indie brands this past year, that I chose to ignore this one.  I had noticed in my peripheral that her polishes consistently sell out and people rave about them.  It seemed like there was a sort of cult following-if you will.  Then I saw a mani photo recently of Toubkal done by Pointless Cafe, and I stopped dead in my tracks.  I took notice, and I perused every polish in her shop to see what I had been missing. I googled swatches to get a better idea of what some of the polishes really looked like.  I noticed she sells One of a Kinds (OOAK's) and I wanted THEM ALL.  
Elevation Polish has a great system for her shop.  She restocks on the 7th and 22nd of each month.  She also has a very limited membership system in place.  Members can email her with the polishes they want by a certain date and do not have to deal with the restocks.  This does not include LE's or OOAK's.  I badly want a membership.
 I finally pulled the trigger and bought three of her polishes a couple of months ago.  I bought Toubkal, Catch a Wave, and Pic De Subenuix. I wore two of the polishes and AM BLOWN AWAY INTO CRAZY OBLIVION.  
I gave you the rundown of her shop, because I plan on buying many, MANY more of her polishes and already have three more on the way.  
Without further ado, on to Pic De Subenuix...
Here is what Elevation Polish has to say about it:
Description: Blue leaning Purple base tone, blue iridescent shimmer, Packed full of light green micro shimmer
Finish: Iridescent, almost duo chrome

Yes. I agree!  It is a blue/purple duo chrome with a blue/green shimmer; however NOT subtle as you can see in the photos and NOT "almost" a duo chrome.  It is a DEFINITE duo chrome!  I used three coats on its own for these photos and it went on smoothly. I had zero issues and was actually quite enamored by it.
It almost has a jelly-like finish.
Lulu, the owner and creator behind Elevation Polish, was inspired by an area in the Pyrenees Mountains for this polish.  She is a self-proclaimed "mountain geek," and loves mountain climbing, hiking, and ice climbing.  Hence the naming of her polish line.

Extreme macro shot!
Macro shot!
Most Elevation Polishes retail for $8 each.
You can follow her blog for more information at I Dig Brown Nail Polish.


polishfox said...

Love! This looks absolutely gorgeous. I am adding it to my wishlist!

The Silverinator said...

Holy crap! I am kicking myself for not getting this one this month! Beautiful job showcasing this one, Michelle!

Colorsplashnails said...

Your pics completely blow me away! This is such a phenomenal polish, Michelle. =)

feedkmayeorchids said...

OMG this is gorgeous! This is exactly how RBL Scrangie needs to look like.