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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Indie on the Block: Indigo Bananas-Telephasic Workshop

I am pretty excited to tell you about two new indie brands that I found on Etsy!  Both looked very promising and had something different to offer!  Today, I am going to show you the first one-Indigo Bananas.  
Here is what Indigo Bananas has to say about her start in polish making:
I first got into polish mixing, or rather 'collect all the glitters and pigments that you can lay your eyes on' in April/May of 2012. Back then I got sidetracked by trying to make my own suspension base (at least, poorly - without access to a proper lab currently) for a while, but went full steam ahead on 'buy ALL THE COLORS' by May 2012. I've been working on the current set of launch colors since June or so for many of them, and have made nearly two hundred proper polishes (not frankens really, but from base & pigments) since then.
My background's in biology at the PhD level, with undergrad training in ecology, molecular bio & chemistry, so my interest in this all stemmed from a love of deconstructing what went into nail polish at the chemical level. So: a love of pigments (especially duochromes) and the chemistry behind it and a passion for making terrible, awful jokes led to Indigo Bananas as you see it now.
Tonight, I bring you Telephasic Workshop.
Telephasic Workshop dries to a matte finish as you can see by these first few pictures!  I used two to three coats for opacity and application was easy.  There was great consistency and no dragging.  You do need to be careful about not getting it onto your skin though, because it did stain somewhat where I accidentally touched my skin.
Telephasic Workshop is a blue running teal and while the blue shimmer is apparent at all times, the pink shimmer had to be seen in the right light.  In the sun, there is a great scattered holo shimmer!
With any purchase of a full sized bottle, you get a cute laser cut ring made out of acrylic with the Indigo Bananas label.  I LOVE this unique touch!
 A coat of Seche Vite deepens the beautiful teal.
This picture makes me drool!
I captured the elusive pink shimmer in my macro shot!  OMG.
Bottle shot of Indigo Bananas' awesome label and the gorgeous Telephasic Workshop!
I have nothing bad to say about this polish. It lived up to my hopes for this new indie brand.  Over the next few days, I will bring you two more from her shop!
Full sized bottles retail for $10 each and minis for $4.50.
Click HERE to visit Indigo Bananas.
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*this polish was sent to me for my honest review*

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