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Sunday, February 24, 2013

OPI Liquid Sands Swatches

Today, I am going to show you three of the four OPI Liquid Sands polishes.  I was practically given these by a dear friend, and I will not lie...I was curious!  
Let me just say that all three wore like iron, went on flawlessly in two coats, dried in about 1-2 minutes, and came off easily with a cotton round and some remover!  Much easier than the Milani Texture that I reviewed yesterday! I was impressed!
First, is OPI Get Your Number, an aqua blue.  Here is my macro shot without topcoat!
OPI Get Your Number
I was completely impressed with the formula and the quality of these polishes.  I had forgotten how amazing OPI can be!
OPI Get Your Number
Get Your Number sparkles without topcoat and is not gritty without it. It is like a fine grade sandpaper.
OPI Get Your Number
Here is Get Your Number with top coat.  While it is still quite beautiful, I like them much more without the top coat!
OPI Get Your Number
Can't Let Go is the purple version.  The polish is very pigmented, so two coats covers very well.
OPI Can't Let Go
I love the sparkle in it and the larger sizes of glitter as well!  You would think it would be harder to take off because of those, but it is not.
OPI Can't Let Go
The macro shot really shows off the glitters!
OPI Can't Let Go
Can't Let Go, as well as the others, does require at least two coats of topcoat to make it smooth.
OPI Can't Let Go
As you can see it is still beautiful with top coat.
OPI Can't Let Go
The last one I got is Stay the Night.  Stay the Night is a black with red glitter.  It is also pretty, but not my favorite.
OPI Stay the Night
I love how it looks like lava!
OPI Liquid Sands
Macro shot!
My top coated photos of Stay The Night are somewhat of a fail. I have light glare, which kind of gets in the way of the polish, but hopefully you get the idea.

So what do you think?  Do you own any?  Zoya has some out as well, and I just received three of those in a swap! I have already reviewed the Milani Texture Collection.  The link for those is at the beginning of the post.
You can buy OPI at many etailers and retailers throughout the USA.

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Chantel said...

I have all of these and I love them