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Friday, February 1, 2013

Pupa Holos-Part 1

Quite some time ago, I shared a nail haul with you that included nine (Yes, NINE) Pupa Holos!  What are Pupa's, you might ask?  Pupa's are little bottles of linear holo goodness from Italy. My friend, Jin-Jit, of Superficially Colorful, found these near her home in Israel!  So, these polishes are truly international as they originated in Italy, (the one place in the world it seems impossible to get polish from) and came via Israel!!!  

I am going to show you three today and they don't have cool names or anything, just numbers.

#30:  #30 is a silver linear holo.  It went on in two coats, but had that dragging that I heard about with holos. I had to let the first coat dry, and then put the 2nd. I was told that with this type of holo, you should dab it on. I will try that next time.  
At first, I didn't even want the silver #30. I am SO GLAD I got it!  It is super strong and I couldn't stop staring at it all day!

#31:  This soft green linear holo had the same application of #30. I have a feeling they all have that application, so I won't be redundant.
This is just gorgeous!

#32:  This looks bluer in the pictures, but it is actually a green-leaning aqua.  If you notice, the bottles are tiny.   They have only 5ml in a bottle, which is the equivalent of a mini!
I will be showing you the other six I have in my stash sometime in the future after I have caught up with polishes sent for review!  However, I will have a link to each post, so you can see them all in one spot.
Pupa holos are available in Italy and apparently in some places in Israel.  I am in love with mine and can not wait to show you the other six!  I would provide you a link of where you can purhcase these, but am at a loss as to where that might be.  UPDATE: I did find this Dutch website where the Limited Edition Holo's are available-Pupa Winkel.  Be warned that the bottles are only .17 fl oz.  The cost is 6£.


Ashley Haddock said...


Cristina Santos said...

They look so sweet! I like the green one :)

Pampered With Polish said...

gorgeous holo! soooo pretty I can't wait to get my hands on my first holo polish

Jin Jit said...

I stand in the corner now, my face against the wall and I'm full of shame for missing these posts :-(
Will not happen again though!!
You have such amazing swatches!!!
(and thank you so for the shout out ♥)