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Monday, February 4, 2013

Starry Earth Time Travel in Style Collection

Tonight, I have a movie collection from Starry Earth!  If you have been following her Facebook page, then you know that every few days or so, she posted a picture of what inspired one of the polishes.  Fans had to guess what each photo was, and they could win that polish!  
This movie collection is called Time Travel In Style.  It is based on the Back To The Future trilogy and is made up of five polishes- 88MPH, Great Scott, This is Heavy, Don't Work on Water, and We Don't Need Roads.
88MPH is inspired by the fire lines left behind when the Delorean reaches 88mph!  It's a clear based polish with yellow, red, orange medium hex glitter and a tiny white hex glitter.  

I layered 88MPH over Alter Ego Penny Pincher.  Generous amounts of glitter came out of the bottle on the first go around and I was able to cover three nail in one swipe!
The glitter laid flat and spread evenly over the nail.  If you are a fan of orange and yellow glitter top coats, then this is a sure winner!
Extreme Macro Shot:
We Don't Need Roads is inspired by the Delorean itself!  It's a grey based polish with gunmetal grey hex, black hex, and micro silver glitter.  
I used two coats of We Don't Need Roads on its own.  It went on fairly well and the glitters laid flat and went on somewhat evenly over the nails.  I used one coat of top coat to smooth it out.
I can think of several ladies who would like this one!
Extreme macro shot:
Don't Work On Water  is inspired by the Hoverboard.  It's a light pink based polish with different sized glitter in light pink, hot pink, red, light green, dark green, yellow and white.  

It is a jelly base and I used two coats with no issues during application.    I am not a huge fan of light girly pinks, but this one really grew on me!  I love the surprise element of the bright pops of color in it!
Super cute!
Extreme macro!
Great Scott is inspired by Doc Brown!  It's a clear based polish with white bards, silver shreds, red and orange hex glitter.
I layered Great Scott over China Glaze GR8 and Butter London Teetotal on the ring finger.  Great Scott was the troublesome one of the bunch.  I had a hard time making the glitters stick to the nail on the nails covered in CG GR8.  They had a tendency to sit at the end of the nail on my ring finger.  I am not sure if this was because of the base coat I had on as it did not do that with the China Glaze nails.  I ended up dabbing glitters into place to make it work, but it wasn't too much of a hassle.

Extreme macro!
This is Heavy  is inspired by Marty McFly!  It's a clear based polish with medium navy hex glitter, small orange and navy glitter and tiny white hex glitter.  
I layered This is Heavy over Cult Nails Time Traveler and Alter Ego Penny Pincher on my ring finger.
It went on like a dream in only one coat and I had no issues with it! I love the way it looks over the orange and the navy!  Amazing!

Time Travel In Style Collection releases February 8th!

You can buy them and more at  Starry Earth for $8 each.  
You can also like her Facebook page.

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*these polishes were sent for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

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