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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Nail Junkie-Jelly Sandwich with Circle Glitter!

I bought two gorgeous polishes from The Nail Junkie and am excited to show them to you tonight!  First up, is Grape Jelly.  Grape Jelly is... a lavender jelly polish!  It is perfect depiction of what a true jelly should be!  I used three coats and it went on flawlessly.  I love the holo shimmer in it!  This is without top coat. You can see how it shines!
Macro shot of Grape Jelly:
Can you guess what I put over the top of it?
That's right.  The Nail Junkie's Cupcake.  It is a great mix of pink, purple, and red circle glitters in a clear base with shimmer.  I had a hard time getting any circles out of my bottle and only got base, so I fished for the glitters and dabbed them on. I told The Nail Junkie my issue and she immediately corrected it and sent me a replacement.
This picture is with the replacement bottle. She thickened up the base for me and after some shaking, I applied two coats without dabbing.  The Nail Junkie has proven excellent customer service and amazing polishes.
I absolutely love this polish!  What a feminine and romantic polish! This is my favorite Valentine's day polish thus far, and probably what I will be wearing on V Day.

Macro shot of Grape Jelly and Cupcake:
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ScarsLikeLace said...

These are gorgeous! I love the round glitters!